600m WR attempt


Not a distance that many folks probably care about but still …

apparently Amos and Kitum will race in Russia and attack the record.

The record is 1:15.12, last year Ksczot ran 1:15.26 on the same track they will run on.

The two will also be chasing Casimir Loxsom’s World Junior record of 1:16.92.

Kitum has run 45.94 so he has good 400 speed and Kitum has run 1:45.96 indoors so he has experience running undercover.

Assuming they are healthy they should give it a good go.


Better discussion: what would Rudisha run it in?


my guess, 1:13.3

split 23.5 25.2 24.6


high 1:13


An outdoor 600m I would have loved to see was Mark Winzenried’s 1:14.8h Jr World Best set at Echo in 1968- Larry James finished second 1:14.6 and Lee Evans won it in 1:14.3 Marks 3rd was followed by another member of our 4x4 OG team Ron Freeman.

Indoors the 3 and 3/4 lap Mel Sheppard 600y at Millrose was always a highlight for me. BTW Chairman of the Boards was Martin McGradys title long before Senator Coghlan wore it!


I can’t imagine that they don’t break Loxom’s record, and they both seem a step above Ksczot. I guess it just depends on how sharp they are at this point.

quick edit: Kitum’s 1:45.96 is 52.9 pace, and Loxom’s 600m jWR is 51.28. Again, can’t imagine them not getting it. They probably go through close to that pace in indoors through 600m.


ignoring the proverbial turd in the punchbowl that is the validity of their ages, loxsom’s record is good as gone.


I believe I’m confirmed for the 600 at this meet…last year they had two heats so I doubt I’d be in with those guys, but it would definitely be fun.


if you neg split a 600, you’re not running it right


yeah… I kind of just looked at Rudisha’s 800m splits and… I don’t even know. 1:13.3, but not split that way :o


No one is running a correct negative splt 600M

I do think a couple of U.S. guys line up well at this event, not at Rudisha level, but Charles Jock, can carry sub 50 flat in his 800’s

Loxson split 45.x, multiple times seems he could now get by in 48 flat and keep on going?

I always thought back in the day Wariner could have made this whole argument disappear,

Same with an Edwin Moses

I was one, who always thought Wariner looked like an 800 guy running the 400, pretty sure he could have cruised by in 46.5 at his best, and held on


I guess it’s a 600m kind of year …


Good to see, one of the more exiting races indoors i think. Fun to watch MD and long sprinters (especially 400 hurdlers) mix it up a bit. Also, I’d argue it is the most difficult race to run, no “easy” way to go about it. The few I ran in school were some of the most interesting and rough races I had ever run.

I’d love to see more 1000’s run as well.


For comparison (not saying he is a better/worse runner) Harun Abda ran 1:15.86 last year for the 600m indoors. Has anyone dipped under 1:04-1:05 for the 600yd run?


I highly doubt it.


1 1:15.12 Nico Motchebon GER 13.11.69 1 Sindelfingen 28.02.1999
2 1:15.26 Adam Kszczot POL 02.09.89 1rA Moskva 05.02.2012
3 1:15.60 Dmitrijs Milkevics LAT 06.12.81 1 Lincoln 05.02.2005
4 1:15.65 Kevin Borlée BEL 22.02.88 1 Gent 13.02.2011
5 1:15.69 Jackson Kivuva KEN 11.08.89 1rA Moskva 06.02.2011
6 1:15.77 Donato Sabia ITA 11.09.63 1 Genoa 04.02.1984
7 1:15.80 Chip Jenkins USA 09.04.64 1 Sherbrooke 01.02.1987
8 1:15.86 Vebjørn Rodal NOR 16.09.72 1 Stange 24.01.1998
8 1:15.86 Harun Abda USA 01.01.90 1 Lincoln 25.02.2012
10 1:15.90 Osmar Barbosa dos Santos BRA 20.10.68 1 Boston 31.01.2004
11 1:15.92 Richard Kiplagat KEN 03.07.84 2rA Moskva 06.02.2011


The WR for the 600y is 1:07.53…So no.


What’s with all the attention on the 600m this year??

Solomon vs Greene vs Osagie


Loxsom shooting for the Collegiate mark (I guess Loxsom run isn’t odd, probably thought of it after hearing about the other runs …)



traditional indoor distances- most were run at yards here in the USA until metrification emerged.
60m,300m,600m and 1000m and the mile.


Well holy ****… 1:15.7 for the American Record… almost definitely going to see a world record dropping, and if not, very very close to one.