50M user FB Security Breach


INFORMATION SECURITY is really becoming a problem on the internet.

Zuckerberg made it through a confusing and at times comedic interrogation publicly before Congress this spring. As much as there is an apparent trust gap between typical fb users and the developer-oreinted business intelligence teams at FB there is also a significant gap in understanding between the US legislative branches and the wave of titan technology companies.

An entity like Google or Facebook can intentionally screw up, legally recover and re-mauever to safety within an 8-month cycle. Legislation will be the last to find out about and understand malpractice or data breaches yet I feel we are going to see some maneuvers here and they will almost reckessly do more harm than good on the law making side.

Anyway, does this latest news today ofthe 50 Million user data breach really change anything for. the company? Will users abandon facebook? Would that be such a bad thing?


Dyestat was on a vBulletin from approximately 2000 to 2009. We were on vBulletin from 2010 to 2014. Before moving to this platform in summer 2015.

vBulletin versions 3 through 5 were rolled hard from 2013 to 2017 one huge breach after another about every 6 months