5000 @ Columbia Final Qualifier


Mens 5000:

Mahoney, Travis	  	New Jersey-New York Track Club	  	No seed.
  	Bumbalough, Andrew	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Derrick, Chris	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Heath, Elliott	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Huling, Dan	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Jager, Evan	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Lomong, Lopez	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Tegenkamp, Matt	  	Nike	  	No seed.
  	Mecheso, Girma	  	Oklahoma State	  	13:57.06

Who is going to win this?


I’m going with the major upset and picking Girma Mecheso.


Well he has the fastest seed time.


I think Derrick is looking real strong coming off his win at USAXC, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lopez run away with it either.

It’s gonna be interesting.


I think Derrick’s USAXC win in more indicative of great aerobic fitness, but I don’t think it’ll necessarily translate to sharpness on the track. Jager, Bumbalough, and Lomong have all shown that they’ve got the wheels turning and have what it takes right now to close down and run fast. Lomong’s run 1:46/3:51 this winter and Jager and Bumbalough have a 8:13/8:14 respectively, so I wouldn’t be surprised to to see them hit something in the 13:10-13:15 range. Although Lomong has shown more bottom end range recently, so I wouldn’t pick him as a definite lock for a 5km win (even if he is probably the best 5km runner in the field).


Lomong and Derrick. Wow!


Lomong is looking scary good. 1:46/3:51/13:07? His range is believable, especially considering how apparent it is that he’s much more a 1500/5km guy with just a crazy good 800m prowess. Has he ever run a 10km?


I don’t think any track 10Ks of note, but in 2007 he was third in cross country only to Rupp and McDougal, beat Bobby Curtis.


I was aware of XC success, and I think it just supports the craziness of his range. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him under 27:30 if he got into Cardinal. The only Americans I can think of with this kind of range are Webb and Rupp and (unfortunately) Lagat.

Edit: Also, I kind of glanced over it on my first glance, but Derrick also ran a phenomenal race. 13:12 in March plus a win over a very good field at 12km? That’s some good stuff for a guy’s first year as a professional.