400m - Rudisha v Bolt


Two once-in-a-generation type phenoms, two super humans … two Olympic legends!

Who would win in a 400m race? Vote in poll, post ideas/time predictions/whatever!


I personally think Bolt is ‘overrated’ because he is ‘the fastest man in the world’ - he is amazing and dominating, and better than anyone we’ve ever seen… but still not as dominant as Rudisha is.

I think Rudisha could run 42.9x in a perfect race, while bolt would ‘only’ be able to run just above 43… 43.05 or something like that


i dont see anyway in hell either of them could come CLOSE to those times. They are both 44.7 guys max in my book.


hasn’t bolt split 43?


Bolt overrated? I don’t think so. Having said that I do believe that Bolt could go 43.00, maybe better if he trained for the 400. Rudisha is a high 44 to 45.0 guy 400, times for 800 runners being exaggerated. I don’t see Rudisha beating Bolt at 400 meters. Remember that Bolt was a 200/400 guy at the start of his career.


I see both of them as being unique runners, and we have already seen them shatter records from the past set by previous running legends - I believe they could do the same in the 400 with the proper training


tony mcquay split 43.6 today, you going to call him a 43 guy?


Too bad both their relays crapped out. Looks like we won’t be finding out this year.


I think their “match” point may be closer to 500 meters.


Kirani James to Blake to Bolt to Rudishia for a Sprint Medley Relay
Johnny Gray anchored a SMTC team to a 3:11 in the mid 1980’s (Carl Lewis on 400 leadoff perhaps ) I think these guys would go 3:05 on a good day.

Agree Bolt over Rudisha at 400 and Rudisha over Bolt at 500m.


FWIW, the 43 was in February or March. Assuming he is in peak form it is possible for him to go 44 low.


You think both would crush the 400m world record which has stood for 13 years, thereby doubling the number of men ever to run under 43.3? Tell me it was a typo and you meant 43.9x?


Since I’m such a big proponent of speed reserve, as Avante is surely aware, I would no doubt have to pick Bolt because I find it easier to come up from 19.3 speed than come down from 1:40


I’d love to hear a non-emotional explanation as to why Rudisha would beat Bolt at 400m…


Cause neither run the race and everything is speculation


but, guys, who would win in a rap battle


rudisha can go 45 low but no lower, bolts been able to do that since he was 15. if rudisha goes sub 1:40 i say he can take bolt, actually no, not even that.




It really wouldn’t be that close if Bolt got serious about the 400 which is a big if. He came to the 100 to escape the 400, he is not a workout beast.

Bolt was running 45.3ish as a teenager long before he had that 19.low speed. Now with that speed he’s without question a low 43 guy if he trained for the event, I seriously doubt Rudisha is a sub 44.00, under any circumstances.


Bolt has bulked up considerably since he was a teenager running the 400, and even since his WR slaughtering performances in Berlin. The way I understood the question was if these two were to race it fresh in their current fitness, not “if Bolt had the proper preparation for it.”

Anyone only giving Rudisha credit for a 45.low in a situation where Bolt can go sub 44 is silly. He just went 51.high after going 49.28; if you think he can run 4 seconds within his absolute 400 potential and come back in under 52, that strength would say he should be moving up to the 1500 soon and would be incredibly scary at the 1200 (obviously not an event, I know).

Sure Bolt can get out after it, but if he has been training as a 100m runner, I just don’t think I’d bet on him having the sprint endurance to finish strong after lugging his particularly large frame around the track.

I think it’d be close, could go either way but I believe Rudisha would win more times than not, obviously not catching Bolt until the final 50m most times.

For someone so obsessed with sprinting that you start threads just as an attempt to display your knowledge of that aspect of athletics, this is a rather erroneous statement. Bolt ran “45.3ish” (45.28) in the same season where he ran 19.75. Oh and that was just one year before he had “that 19.low speed” (45.28 in 2007, 19.30 in 2008), and then of course his 19.19 coming just one more year later. If you think that somehow improving 0.56 seconds in an event that he’s been focusing on in training somehow translates to a full 2 second improvement in the 400, then I’d wager a good number of 400m runners out there aren’t training properly.

And so we’re clear, I’m more willing to wager that they are training properly.