4 x 8's


PJ Anchor really gonna have to run to make final


That sits PJ 4th of 12 available slots with big schools to come, gonna be tight


as it tunrs out PJ gets in with room

I am a little surprised that 7:57. mid gets in this year


what was the weather like? all times seemed a bit slow. was it cold and or windy? the first heat with the three jamaica teams looked pretty good.


From nj.com blog

“9:45: Weather today is at 49 degrees, with a cold, steady wind”


“10:58: Wind is getting really cold out here”


I was out on the infield for the 4x8s and it was legitimately uncomfortably cold and windy. Because of that, I was surprised at how fast the first race went - :53, :54, :55, :57.

Cutoff turned out to be 7:57.29. Fastest non-qually was Sping Ford at 7:58.41.

Here’s Cherokee:

Colin Merrigan 1:56.5
Shawn Wilson 1:57.5
Ross Staudt 2:01.7
Drew Viscidy 1:57.5

led almost all the race. tough to do on a windy day. no-man’s land.

I’ll be real surprised if they don’t run somewhere in the mid-7:40s tomorrow


Fastest Non Q’er I believe was:

Pearl River (Pearl River, NY) 7:57.75

Not a big deal, it was hard to keep track of, I just happened to have looked it up and done the peak at tomorrow’s field which is up

I knew conditions must have been a little rough as teams started to know WHAT the cut lines were and still could not easily run under etc.


Cold and very windy out there this morning.

If you go here: http://pennrelaysonline.com/Results/schedule.aspx?t=d&d=f
and go all the way down the right side you can click on any link under the “ranked lists” section even during the races and you can get the list.

Pearl River was indeed the faster non-qualifer.


Wow pretty good year for the 4x8’s. 7:57 in wind and doesn’t make COA…

That’s about the right time to not make it, but with a lot of wind that’s pretty nuts.

Anyone know the fastest non-qualifier ever? Off the top of my head, I think 7:54 was the cutoff back in 2009 but I’m not sure


Cherokee failed at a great moment in time but you’ll see them again before the year is over! Jon Blau, the young guy who is covering Roob’s old spot at the BCT, wrote a nice comment about their effort:



Jon’s a sharp kid, doing a very good job covering track for Burlington!