3A Top Individuals Rankings


Hope you enjoy

Jack Driggs York Community HS 14:30
Malachy Schrobilgen Oak Park/River Forest 14:37
Garrett Sweatt Edwadsville HS 14:41.6
Sam Telfer Lyons Township 14:42
Webster, Cody United Township HS 14:43.24
Sajdak, David Lockport Township 14:44.52
Dave Eckhart Maine South High School 14:45
King, Tommy New Trier 14:47
Jack Stapleton Oak Park/River Forest 14:48
William Hague Loyola Academy 14:54
Soltys, Taylor Neuqua Valley HS 14:55
Bryce Basting Normal West 14:56
Alex Riba O’Fallon 14:56
Ryan O’Donnell Hersey HS 14:58
Mac Ford Loyola Academy 14:58
Erik Peterson Barrington 14:59
Benjamin Silver Downers Grove North 14:59
Fayette, Billy Hinsdale Central 14:59.55
Kerschieter, Drew Normal West 14:59.61
Atchison, Jeremy Buffalo Grove 15:00.
Nick Hall Glenbrook North HS 15:00.6
Mike Thill Prospect 15:00.6
Keelan, Jack Saint Ignati 15:00.99
Alex Mimlitz York Community HS 15:02
Loran, Steve West Aurora 15:03.18
Ron Hedman York Community HS 15:03
Kevin Wood Stevenson 15:04.2
Travis Morrison Schaumburg 15:05
Kellen Strobel Prospect HS 15:07.2
Jake Slaughter O’Fallon 15:07
Cody Smith Liberty High 15:07
Donald Desalvo Hinsdale South 15:08.7
Alex Brend Lake Zurich High School 15:09
Ryan Clardy Fenwick HS 15:09.4
Ferguson, Josh Neuqua Valley HS 15:09.56
Gunnar Sterne West Chicago High School 15:10
Groeber, David Waubonsie Valley 15:14.21
Millares, Josh Fishers HS 15:15.56
Senci, Ryan St Charles North HS 15:17.84
Counter, Kyle Lincoln-Way Central 15:19.22
Rothschild, Ari Highland Park 15:20.13
Razo, Thomas Lockport Township 15:22.19
Cross, Jack Saint Ignati 15:22.30
Gaikwad, Hirsh Neuqua Valley HS 15:22.37
Pollock, Rocky Fishers HS 15:22.72
Dalpozzo, Vincenzo Neuqua Valley HS 15:25.13
Lederhouse, Mike Glenbard West 15:25.26
Later, Leland New Trier 15:27.47


Cody Haberkorn, Marist High School 15:09

at Regionals on October 23, 2010.


Did you just combine a bunch of meets? I wouldn’t call that rankings…


These are the exact results from all the Peoria meets. I did not add in current updated courses because I wanted to keep it comparable. But this is the current leaders on the Detweiller course this year. Things will change but I thought it should be out there.




Seems like you are missing guys from the Peoria Invitational on Oct 2nd.



I acctually included these individuals. I didnt miss anyone (minus LV), Every meet on peoria thus far is listed.


Check again. You included some of the guys from that meet, but you missed Nos. 1 (Clevenger), 3 (Calio) and 5 (Simon), possibly others (I stopped looking after the top 8 or so).


As I stated in the ealier potion, it is 3A. All men you just listed here are 2A, that is why Paul Zemen and Tyler Yunk arent listed.


There’s a Carmel runner that looks to have made the cutoff time of New Trier’s Leland Later. Carmel is 3A.


Feel free to adjust the post. Sorry about the mistake


Also Munnings from Mundelein and Mamerow (who ran like a beast this weekend in Regionals) from Fox Lake Grant.


also includes individuals from fishers, Indiana. defs not at 3A state


Gotta throw Scolarici in there. He didn’t run at Dettweiler this year, but I’d be extremely surprised if he wasn’t up there




what, spelling???