3:55 is the new 4:00


I guess I always assumed the high school ranks were clean but if you look at the tradeoffs like say if there are no drug tests at the HS level and thus no risk in getting caught, why not do it? It opens up so many more doors if you’re a 4:12 miler opposed to a 4:24 miler.


I have seen every guy from the last 12 years

I do not see any evidence of anything shady


I should say every major guy, I suspect nothing

Except some guys that may have partied their way out of the sport


3.58.9 Jim Beatty USA Los Angeles Feb 10, 1962
3.58.6 Jim Beatty USA New York Feb 15, 1963
3.56.6 Tom O’Hara USA New York Feb 13, 1964
3.56.4 Tom O’Hara USA Chicago Mar 06, 1964
3.56.4 Jim Ryun USA San DiegoFeb 19, 1971
3.55.0 Tony Waldrop USA San Diego Feb 17, 1974
3.54.93 Richard Buerkle USA College Park Jan 13, 1978
3.52.6 Eamon Coghlan IRL San Diego Feb 16, 1979
3.50.6 Eamon Coghlan IRL San Diego Feb 20, 1981
• 3.49.78 Eamon Coghlan IRL East Rutherford Feb 27, 1983
• 3.48.45 Hicham El Guerrouj MAR Gand Feb 12, 1997

It only took 16 years to drop 4 seconds once the indoor 4:00 barrier was broken. So yes, the modern racing surface cannot be causally dismissed. Coaching and nutrition can also take some credit for the times todays milers are achieving.


Texas also comes to mind. See: Keating, Wesley.


Not the first time I’ve heard his name either… weren’t there close ups of his injection marks or something in a photo?


I believe a roommate of his at UT-Austin saw blood bags(?) in his refrigerator, which lead to his dismissal from UT-Austin and transfer to UT-Pan American. The story also goes that Keating had a summer job at a drug store and therefore easier access to some pharmaceuticals. “allegedly”


Having to spend time in Edinburg, TX is cruel and unusual punishment, even for dopers. :eek:


Interesting post on LR from 2003:


Interesting interview by UT-PA in 2003:

A graduate of Pharr-San Juan-Alamo North High School, Keating excelled on their track and cross country teams. Attending the University of Texas at Austin on scholarship as a freshman, a break up in a relationship resulting in a deep depression caused Keating to decide to transfer closer to the support and companionship of his childhood friends.