2A 2010 Girls Cross Country


Welcome to the Girls thread! I hope we can get some good discussions going about the 2A girls teams and individuals this year. I’ll tee it up with a few questions!

What do you think of the rankings? Do they look right to you? East Peoria looks high to me after the Minooka meet last weekend.

What are the big 2A meets this weekend? I see a few that will be at Palatine (Viator, Crystal Lake Central). Where is everyone else?

Looks like the fastest girls time this year is Madz Negro at PND last week. Can she challenge Kayla Beattie?

Lets crank it up!


University High School’s girls are as good or better than East Peoria. They have one girl around 18:00, two more around 19:00 and two under 20:00.


We’ll be at the ACC Charger Classic with Montini, St. Francis, ACC, Woodstock and Burlington Central. Should be a good meet with some faaast times (it’s at Oakhurst).


2A girls rankings are out



Big 2A meets are at Tinley Park, Whitney Young, Sterling, Aurora Central Catholic, East Peoria, Springfield. Alton had an Invite yesterday and Mattoon has one today.


Interesting that U-High isn’t even ranked if your info is correct. If you’re right about them being better than East Peoria, that would put them around #7.

Can’t wait for Saturday where U-High, East Peoria and (#10) Mahomet-Seymour will be there!


This is only speculation, but in the past some central/southern Illinois schools have been left out of the rankings simply because the results that were posted were either A) early in the season or B) not posted at all.

Since we have this girls thread going now, maybe results will be more readily available? :slight_smile:


2A Schools in the James “J.T.” Taylor Invite this weekend

Bensenville (Fenton)
Grayslake (Central)
Grayslake (North)
Lake Villa (Lakes)
Richmond (R.-Burton)


Anyone know the story at Sacred Heart Griffin? They show up rated 4th this week, but they don’t seem to have a 5th runner. Week 1 at Granite City they had a 1-5 spread of over three minutes. Second week at Halberg they were over 4:30 (that was ACT week, but come on). Last week at PND they have 3:19. Their top three look strong, but #5 was over 20:30 at PND.

Seems like that is the story. Anyone have any other info?


They are now doing coaches polling for 2A! Yeah!


I think you overstate your case:

Place Name Time
26 Emily Clay 18:07
178 Kelsey Emmert 19:44
196 Emily Bugg 19:55
300 Elizabeth Composto 20:49
348 Jordan Armstrong 21:25
366 Caila Bender 21:49
410 Lyndsay Shaver 22:35

I don’t even think they can get out of their Sectional. Which of these can they beat: Yorkville, PND, Springfield, Dixon, Metamora or Mahomet. That’s not counting East Peoria.
Plus, they didn’t even show up in the Top 20 Tim did on ESPN. I’m not sure they should.


They have at least three girls in their top 5 that run at the F/S level. Wait and see!


You missed the part where they had a sophomore under 19:00 and a freshman at around 19:00 flat in the F/S race.


Oh, good! They’ll need the help when the state series rolls around.




Dixon is very good. Better than their 6th place ranking. They easily beat two 3A rated programs Normal West and Geneva today at the Sterling Rock River Run.


Geneva held out several of their top runners but Dixon is underated for sure.


I felt lime my original post didn’t bring much to the table…

Original post: Yes and agreed.

New Post: I won’t claim to be an expert in Geneva XC runners, but just comparing the girls that ran this week to last week at Kaneland, they ran their Nos. 2, 4, 6, 7, a girl that won the open and another girl that placed 4th in the open. At Sterling the didn’t run with Ehrhardt, who is running terrific thus far this season; Whitely, who is a stellar triathlete that just competed overseas, and two others that ran the previous week. They are a solid team regardless, so it is still a good win for Dixon.

As for Dixon themselves, they were a great team last year, and I think just got injury-plagued and possible sick later in the season (It seemed like every team had to battle with the flu in some way or another, with some being more affected than others). They are right about where they should be, a nd if their No. 5 can move up a bit, they can challenge anyone in 2A.



OK they crushed East Peoria and Mahomet. Both of these teams are better than Metamora. Except for Clay they are young and probably getting better. Is it time to give them some respect? Where is Clay in the individual rankings?