2650 Miles in 2 months for Parkinson's


Hey guys,

A teammate of mine is attempting to break the speed record for running the Pacific Crest Trail (2650 miles of pretty grueling terrain) this September in order to raise awareness/money for Parkinson’s Disease. Some people are making a pretty sweet-looking documentary of it.

Trailer for documentary is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV3e4IGNE94

Facebook page for the cause is here: http://www.facebook.com/runwhileyoucan?sk=info

Please check these out if you have the time. Thanks.


Sam looks like a pretty convincing runner for being a high jumper haha. It is awesome that he’s doing this though, and I wish him luck.


wow. keep us posted on how this goes for him. even if he doesnt finish it takes balls to even try


that seems pretty awesome. And like 9 months worth of running for me.


Forest Gump would be disappointed in Homeboy’s beard and hairstyle, but good luck mate!


I assume he will have a support crew? Anyway, this is awesome, best of luck to him!




If there is anything I can do to help let me know. I go to school at URI and I’ll be up there until the middle of May so if you guys need something let me know. Good luck this is an awesome challenge to take on!


I hope this gets him laid too.


Any updates on this?


It seems like he started. The facebook group made it seem like he is not completely supported in this (camping on his own during one lag). If that’s true it is all the more incredible.