2019 TF Week 1 Results


Saw Meinke opened in 4:15.93 and Rowen 9:33.72 at the Oshkosh HS - LARGE SCHOOL Meet


Obviously meinke time is awesome and almost unheard of for an opening time (ahead of the Kenosha kid from last year who ran 4:09 in April) but 9 other kids ran 4:40 or faster. 4:40 this early is solid, all those kids could break 4:25 this year. The bay port and depere 800s are also good Oshkosh didn’t used to be that fast although if they resurfaced in the past 30 years I’m probably out of date. Both those juniors will be sub 2 indoors at Madison which puts them at 1:55 potential outdoors or better. Given their are no real sub 50 flat returners other than Potter from 2 years ago the Appleton east junior running 51.4 puts him as a new legit contender.


Calling Mienke’s run an “opener” while technically accurate is not especially accurate. Now, Franz/Scherer/Henderson/Winowiski would really be openers, as they haven’t likely contested a vertical race since the end of October. A little saddened to see Scherer a DNS. Franz 2:07 off about 15 days training and Henderson 10:23 after swimming competitively on March 3rd. Looking forward to a season of progression.


I think this was his 5th meet of the season and most of them have been very high level meets run all out. It seems that the Wisconsin kids have gotten the idea that you need to race and travel the country almost year round.


Ok your both right not technically an open but still a pr I believe without competition and not on that fast of a track. A sub 9 guy should be able to approach a sub 4:10 mile probably but this was the first evidence that meinke has the speed to potentially do that by June so it was a positive development. Overall wisconsin runners didn’t run that many meets over the winter compared to the past. Brooke barely ran. Oak creek didn’t run. Rowan didn’t run. Just Chapman meinke bosley (I believe just 1 race on the track) and of course national champion Roison Willis so other than a couple 2 mile times that will be tough to beat and the Roison 800 our honor roll should improve throughout the indoor and outdoor season as times come down rapidly


Oh it was a very nice time and effort, without a doubt. Just not all that surprising given the level of specific focus and training that year rounders bring to their sport.


Rzentkowski 4:23.73 and Mielke 4:28


Rosholt and Wild Rose will be at the Point invite tomorrow in addition to the larger schools.


Did meinke run against rzentkowski or did all 3 of these guys run fast solo times in 3 different races? Back in the day it was one race i believe but there are more teams participating.


Seperate meets/days for Mienke and Rzentkowski.


Point Invite results - Ellenberg and Rzentkowski in the 800. No Ashton Schwartzman for Wild Rose


Great 800 Meter indoor race at Point! As much of a great run this is for Rowen Ellenberg Rzentkowski is opening up with extremely competitive times this year. He has the physical body type to run 1:51/4:08 and then probably slow down at 3200 to 9:10-ish.




Decent openers for Nadolski and Vance at Nelson Daniels:

Boys 3200 Meter Run
   ND RECORD: M 9:23.42  2005        Andrew Perkins, Watertown                 
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1 Nadolski, Ian             12 Mukwonago            9:45.00    9:40.62  
  2 Vance, Alexander          11 Oconomowoc           9:50.00    9:43.69  
  3 Wilson, Andrew            12 Hononegah           10:10.00    9:55.93  
  4 Arellano, Julio           12 Woodstock           10:17.50   10:06.72  
  5 Francis, Ash              12 Sun Prairie         10:27.00   10:18.68  
  6 Ketchman, Louis           12 Milwaukee Ki        10:09.00   10:19.24  
  7 Montgomery, Charlie       12 Niles North         10:02.00   10:20.64  
  8 Houston, Phillip          10 Oconomowoc          10:15.00   10:21.37  
  9 Barnes, Ian                9 Cary-Grove          10:40.54   10:23.71  
 10 Barber, Joseph            12 Sun Prairie         10:29.00   10:23.83  
 11 Welte, Dominick           11 Hononegah           10:23.25   10:28.76  
 12 Czarnecki, Gavin          10 Beaver Dam          10:20.00   10:34.24  
 13 Heus, Grant               11 Wauwatosa Ea        10:40.00   10:34.48  
 14 Tess, Adam                12 Sun Prairie         10:28.00   10:34.76  
 15 Davey, Drew                9 Elkhorn Area        10:40.00   10:38.53  
 16 Meissner, Noah            11 Oconomowoc          10:10.00   10:41.78  
 17 Noffke, Nick              11 Madison La F        10:30.00   10:42.72  
 18 Wozniak, James            12 Cary-Grove          10:44.24   10:52.03  


Nadolski probably went with the big three at the Ripon Showcase. Back to the drawing board!


Nadolski is just a grinder…I’ve watched him for 4 years…a solid high schooler - healthy clean kid.


4:32 first time out still lands him in the top 15 on the year. He just spoiled us with that nice 3200 race against Vance.


The longer the better with Nadolski…