2019 NIKE


couple new colors/pattern of the zoom fly flyknit on nike.



Was told last September that the 5% would be a September launch, now it looks like the release date for NXT% will be 7/11 but that is apparently not 100% finalized.


Is this July 11 or November 7?


July 11th

I would bet they release before Berlin in September or Chicago in October. The Flyknit 4% released before Chicago in 2018 so I would think it would make sense for it to be the same in 2019.


What exactly is the NXT%? Is it the visible air bladder shoe?


“NXT%” is the proposed name for what we have been referring to as “VF 5%”. It confused me initially as well.



Ah thanks for the clarification




Wack shorts… they don’t even really match haha


Make the shorts the same, or all white


call me crazy but im more into this years pro kit than any since the eggplant unis


Streak LT 4 with Spike Plate



are those legit? never seen that site before but they look damn good


They are legit and legit UK site. Good online store


woo, might grab a pair for XC next fall


I’ve been out of the shoe game for a while and am a little confused… are these spike-flat’s actually made by Nike?


Yes. They were testing them with many of the American universities previously.


any chance they come to shops stateside? havent seen them in the futures catalogs


I’d assume the shoes can be available in The States in the future. My cousin purchased a pair from Prodirect and was able to customise them with a Swedish flag. Of course, Norwegian flag would be bettter. :norway: :sunglasses:



limited sales?