2019 NIKE


Peg turbo shield. Msrp $210 october 2019


Could be the 2019 Nike Kit designs (not colors)



I have a feeling that will be the design with different color scheme, not 100% though, very interesting




As it is, pretty ugly and doesn’t stand out by any means. Nice find though.


not that my opinion matters to nike but i think the second option could be really dope if paired with some mismatch spikes as well!





Like the 2018 gold medalist spikes?


Do others have difficulty accessing the spike section? It isn’t appearing on the main page for me.



Yes, now seems to be under “Gear.” You can still find the link to the Spikes section here.


I notified the administrator. It seems there was a wrinkle in the matrix. It should functioning normal soon.


That all being stated and out of the way, have a look at the VF 5%. Though they’ll debut in London/Boston for the pros,I would assume an October general public release? (I have also heard the rumour of June 10.)


Good Evening, here are some pictures from Emma Abrahamson’s IG story showing a detailed look at the new Pegasus 36


Look at those new Peg Turbos.


I’m more interested in those new ZF 3’s


Looks like I was right half and half is the design


I like the outsole tread pattern much better than the FK!


found on Insta


and an interesting article from Tempo about the 2019 Nike lineup. mentioned another secret member of the Zoom family, anyone have any clues?


In reading the article, it seems it is innuendo hinting at the VF update. It also appears that the releases will begin starting in June with the normal Pegs. Perhaps the Turbos by August and he VF update release by October?