2019 NIKE


Never wash your new white clothing with new darker colours. Now you can see what will happen.


Lol. I haven’t really seen an adidas kit that I’ve liked. They should try harder because people are very receptive of adidas apparel and shoes at the moment


Hope the 2019 Adidas shorts aren’t egregiously long like they were last year…


Get your btc mambas they’re out


I pulled a Nelly. And then ordered 1 more haha


Out of 10.5 already :pensive:


Check eBay I’m sure they will surface there eventually


bro those look like swim trunks you get at the local department store…

I love my Avantis though!


Elavation0m posted this on their Instagram story with the caption WR shoes…they’re in Boston with the Oregon Project for Kejelcha’s mile tomorrow. Anyone have an idea of what these are?


kinda look like a Turbo sole but can’t really tell with the angle





i mean yomif wore vic 2s in the blue color way


What is this? A trainer? A racer? Everyday shoe? Had anyone information on this? Not even the Euro Nike rep that I texted this picture to had ever heard of this shoe.




Seems to be the shoe. Nice work. I was hoping it would be something we haven’t seen before!


My guess is the Kohl’s version of the turbo.

For you non-Americans; Kohl’s is a discount store who has Nike make customs cheap versions of their shoes and sells them for less. They use different foam and use old technology in the kohl’s version.


Different foam? Old technology? Cheap?? What twisted version of Kohl’s are you going to??


Seems to be a colour on the NOP website.



I’m confused, these have been on sale at Nike.com for while (minus the NOP logo of course).