2019 NIKE


Anyone here experienced heel slippage in zoomfly 1. Just wondering if they are too big or is it a problem


I don’t mean to hijack your posting; but your use of “slippage” reminded me of this episode of Seinfeld: one of the tv series where I learned a significant amount of my English slang.


Looks like a Zoom Elite 10, so I don’t think it’s new. Ferlic wears them for a lot of his workouts, so I’m guessing it’s an all-white colorway, probably not any special make-up.


To me, it looks like the Nike Elite 10 in an all white colorway.


The BTC Elite (not pro) team had some interesting shoes on. @Rolows_13 do that voodoo that you do!

BTC Elite on Instagram: “Marathon is life. And life, is where you progress. In case you haven’t heard there was some magic in the air on the streets of Sacramento…”


Saw these up close during the race on the guys wearing them. They’ve blurred the pics here so you won’t be able to make out the details of the shoes.

Upper was an interesting sort of mesh. Midsole was giant and made some noise when they’d land on it. To me, it seemed as if anyone that I was running with would land pretty hard on the ground in them, but pop straight back up off the ground. I was wearing retail 4% as were a lot of people around me and there was a noticeable difference in foot strike between us and anyone wearing the air bag shoes.


I suppose that they made them completely black to further decrease the ability to see detail. They’ll likely release to the public in diarrhea green or some other weird purple colour, I’m sure.



Have they sent you the link to your photos yet? :smirk:

I’d just put in their bib number.


Haha, I have detailed pics of these but I’m not suppose to share…


@Savethechief2011 had some success with your idea. Credit goes to my tech savvy roommate who was able to do much more then I can with screen shots on my phone


Whatever these are they make the normal 4% look like a low profile shoe in comparison


Man do I love triple black


Is that… a VaporShox?


Looks like new xc spikes in the background.


New 4% colorways


Pegasus 36 Turbo


Any ideas which models of the Zoom Fly SP use the updated react sole with carbon fiber? I really like the updated midsole but hate the flyknit on the Zoom Fly FK.


didn’t know they had Zoom Fly SP’s with the new tooling. I’d be interested as well, also not a fan of flyknit


dumb video but looks like a mildly great update


Literally just slapped an Elite 10 upper on a Streak 6 :joy:

Looks good though, much better than the Streak 6 upper’s tendency to tear out the sides. I’ve had ZERO issues with the Elite 9 or 10 upper durability and they’ve seen some sh*t.