2019 NIKE


Just found this online I know it’s not great quality but thought I’d shareimage


And it begins!



Not sure if this has been talked about on here, but peg 36 trail will be a thing. Checked it out in the futures catalog. I think its a 6/1 release?



LOVE the new look Vomero. LOVE Running Warehouse’s service and product. Hate this presentation. These dudes look like dweebs - sorry if you’re reading this Connor and Derrick. Lose the boonie hat and button up.


Lol, I was watching the video and my girlfriend looked over and said, pointing to Connor, “I don’t like him. He’s annoying” within 10 seconds of it starting.

At first I scoffed, but then, watching the video more, I understood.


They’re out


Jordan Racer 89
Based off the Flyknit Racer sole and Jordan basketball shoe from 1989


Release date? These are nice


No idea. I can say like any flats the Racer 88 are narrow. Which is also true of most Jordan’s. I hated the Tenacity 88 (trainers) they felt unstable clunky on my feet but the racers are solid.


is this a racing flat or a lifestyle shoe?

i can’t tell with this new jordan brand running line… i know they’re tryna make running “cool” but i’m not sure


Ok thanks. I honestly was just gonna get them as casual shoes I think they look good


Thoughts on getting a vomero turbo?


I race in them haha idk if their intended purpose


Just got the fall 2019 catalog, Vic XC 5 matches the protos we’ve seen very closely. Seems to have a rubberized plate rather than the matumbo plate. Sadly no Streak LT4 spiked :confused:


My brother just landed in Portland for NXN and he’s promised to send me pictures of all the goodies they receive. The Nike rep assigned to their team said they’ll be getting an “inside look” at some new Nike stuff, but I doubt it’ll be anything we haven’t already seen. If he sends me anything interesting I’ll be sure to share it with you guys!


Update #1


Some more pics of NXN shoes/spikes


love the silver arch strap in homage to the classic duct tape wrap


Mason Ferlic on Instagram: “Thankful for inspiration and finding purpose. At 95, my grandfather is no longer the fastest, nor the strongest, nor the most graceful, but…” Is this new?