2019 Myrhum Invitational heat sheets


Shnoor is pretty amazing to come off a likely injury and run that fast. However the 3200 is loaded this year. Germantown could win the 4x800 if Schnoor has leg speed as koel (4:22) and Drihan (1:57) are really coming on and Marcus Knight (4:34) is a solid sophmore. They have a few other candidates as well like sophmore mitch gobler that ran 2:03 and some quarter milers. Oak creek also enters the mix given Alex Oeth ran 2:01 this week as we know kisting and potter are elite talents. Kisting was in the wrong heat or he would have likely ran a nice time. If Caleb Easton runs the 4x800 it’s Middleton’s race but I doubt he triples. Why does Roman Ystenes never seem to run with his team it’s a little weird. That 3200 had some new guys run sub 9:35 which used to be pretty elite for a junior before the recent crew showed up and made sub 9:10s look easy. That 41.4 by Brooke in the hurdles off a hard 400 meters was top 10 in the country right outside the top 5. Nice comeback by Brooke what a fierce competitor


A bit random, but what’s the correct pronunciation of Roisin Willis’s first name? I think they pronounced it differently every time they said it on the live stream. I assumed the name was Irish-Gaelic and pronounced like “Ro-sheen.”