2019 Myrhum Invitational heat sheets




Obviously the 800 looks special wish we had a speed guy in the race but it’s pretty perfect anyway. Good to see Schnoor opening up in the 3200.


Is the meet going to be live-streamed? I think it was in prior years.


Last year, Chris Herriot (Arrowhead T&F) posted a link on his Twitter feed, but has not done so this year…


Found it!


Thanks for the link. Not going out there this year.


Bosley dodged the 800 and the meet.



I think Easton can go 4:15 by himself and Leffel will tag along at 4:19 to 4:21. Great race set up for Tome, Nadolski, Sodemann or Mielke to surprise us. They are definitely capable of 4:22 or under but no idea where each are at individually this season.

The 800 will be great. I think a great dual to 1:54 lows between Easton and Ellenberg through the line is on deck afterward. Would not surprise me if it went even faster! Can they go 1:53? I think 1:54s or 1:52, nothing between. This may be a future NAZ vs Wisconsin 1500 preview. Dont ever count out Middleton’s Michael Madoch either.

The 3200 is wide open. Perhaps a Nadolski on the double with some new found speed. He and Vance are Classic Eight rivals with Ocon CC #2 in the mix as well. Schnoor seems to have missed part of the season. I think if he hit 9:35 today he could still come to repeat his sophomore year time by state. Eli Dyer ran in the 9:30s indoors. I thought he was going to be more of an 800/1600 type but we will find out today. This is a kid who might be able to skip the 9:20s on a great day. Good in season test for him. Gavin K has been a good distance runner all along. I would be impressed if he ran 9:28 but he may have been lurking in the weeds to show face tonight.


9:22 Dyer
9:24 Schnoor
9:27 Wellenstein
9:27 Nadolski
9:28 Gavin K
9:29 Vance
9:33 Kluz (Ocon #2)
9:35 Johnson
9:39 Hoeferle

Hope the high seeded Preble kids prove me wrong.


Word at the Northshore Relays earlier this week was that Bosley was sick. He was listed in the heat sheets and results on athletic.net but he was not there.


Preble ran a nice 4x800. 4 consistent legs and their anchor probably didn’t run hard. Zach slevin lacrosse Logan now going under 4:22 has to be viewed as a potential state champ in cross next year. He won indoor state at tfa for class b beating a game slinger runner and could end up running 4:15 as a junior. He has been off the radar and probably isn’t as elite as underclassman such as Schnoor and scherer but he is earning a voice in the conversation as the top underclassman


It will take a lot from a distance runner to be the class of this meet as Elijah Johnson is pretty awesome. Amari brown from king getting third is interesting she possibly should stop running the 100 and just focus on the 200 and 400. I didn’t realize Brooke jaworski was racing Roisin wills today. Amari should have joined that loaded race in the 400


Holy Cuatro de Mayo! This one should be quick! Can they go 53s if the weather permits it? How exciting !


Wow, what a race! Willis wins in 54.67


Jaworski put on a sprinters burst at the head of the stretch and I thought it was over but she couldn’t maintain it. Then it looked like Willis might go down in the last 15 meters but she stayed up. That was a race.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Easton is on the line for the 800.


And it’s in no way clear that Jaworski should be the favorite in the 300 hurdles.


She has been hurt so let’s see if jaworski has time to regroup. Holy cow the 400 was good. The best sectional in the state will be in oak creek for the 400. 4th place could be 48s in that sectional. Ellenburg is the bomb in the 800 but Middleton has a lot of studs too I think ellenburg could break the state record in the 800 and May win the 1600 too. Amari brown should be running the 200/400 and Ethan king should be running the 400/800 their not quick enough in the 100/200 respectively at the state level


There are 25 girls entered in the 3200 and they’re running two sections.


Good thing Bosley was “out sick” for this one. He still wouldnt have beaten Ellenberg today but his prensence may have forced an even faster time.


Freshman girl from Oak Creek that I’d never heard of runs 10:54 to win.

And what’s up with this Shae Ruhly senior from Middleton? She ran 5:08/11:01. She’s never run for the Cardinals in any State series event (cross country or track).


This years 800 is shaping up to be one of the best of all time. Levenson ran a solo 1:55 at Burlington winning by 7 seconds. Both him and ellenburg look like 1:51 guys. If bosley runs its hard to say he can’t run 1:51. One of the speed guys will also likely move up (Ethan king, Snelson or Potter as none of them have the 200 speed needed). Plenty of other sub 1:55 guys this year potentially. Could have 8 1:54s or better with a state record potentially. Zachary zenner probably won’t move up this year as a sophmore but next year he will likely be a 1:53 junior given he will likely run 49s in the open as a sophmore and runs cross. The 400 in the oak creek sectional could have 4 guys under 49 seconds what does 4th place need to finish to be an extra qualifier? (King, Snelson, potter and newcomer to running track Gorman)