2019 cross country sectionals


Just released… Thoughts?

2019BoysD1CC (1).pdf (53.6 KB)


Brookfield schools are split unequally. The Brookfield East sectional schools have:

  • Marquette which has quite a high turnout and usually seven that can run between 16:00 and 17:25
  • Whitefish Bay which has a history of qualifying for state

Then there are programs that trade-off in the rankings:

  • Germantown
  • East
  • King
  • Tosa East

Then you can look at teams with the ability to cultivate excellent individuals and the tallies count to five fairly quickly. Using last year’s rosters as an example, only one per school, it would be Bosley, Schnoor, Holmes, Wellenstein and Dyer. So essentially to get to state you have to be looking like a top-15 finisher which is being a sub-16 guy somewhere along the way.


Just glancing over real quickly, here are a few of my own (heavily biased) thoughts:

Division 1: -SPASH and Neenah together again in sectional 2. Looks like no chance for Marshfield or Hortonville.
-Sectional 7 looks like a bloodbath.
-Sectional 8 looks like a free ride for Brookfield Central
-Sectional 9 looks difficult as usual.

Division 2: -La Crosse Logan still is D2 at Sectional 3, could be a factor.
-Sectional 4 looks rough with Lux-Casc, Notre Dame, Valders, Xavier, Plymouth, Two Rivers, etc.
-Shorewood and Wisco together in Sectional 8. Looks bad for everyone else, which mainly seems to be small private schools.
-Grafton in Sectional 5 escapes sectional 8. Looks good for them.
-Sectional 6 looks to be difficult as always with Dodgeville, Edgewood, McFarland, Platteville, etc. The Southwesern co-op team is still in D2 this year as well.

Division 3: -The “Far North” sectional is being held at South Shore. Perhaps this year I will finally live my dream of going to see it.
-Sectional 5 looks tough again, with Aquinas, Cashton, Durand, and Westby among others. Not sure what Onalaska Luther has coming back this year.
-Sectional 2 looks rough, with the likes of Assumption, Auburndale, Edgar, Marathon, Pacelli, Rosholt, etc…

Overall I didn’t think they looked all that different than in years past, although I could have missed something.


From what I have been told the Brookfield East administration put in their bid to host again and much to their surprise the WIAA then pulled East from the “Site Needed” sectional with Brookfield Central. The WIAA then injected Brookfield East into a group of schools that have traditionally used Tendick Park as a sectional site which seems to have everyone baffled by the decision making process that went into this alignment because now everything is lopsided.


Is it just me, or has the WIAA updated the look of its site for the first time in forever (presumably to accommodate those new-fangled things called iphones and droids)?

South Shore hosts the Sectional, but it’s held in Iron River.


So what happens if no one offers to host that “site needed” sectional? I’m sure South Milwaukee will end up hosting, but what if? Can the WIAA compel a school to host?

Also if you’re Brookfield East and you got moved into that other, and SIGNIFICANTLY harder sectional based on the fact you’re willing to host… Why host?


They have updated the main domain just recently but some of the subdomains such as schools.wiaawi.org are still the same. Perhaps they are amid a transition. Previously they went through a firm in Michigan that created their last platform in approximately 2011-2012. It looked a lot like the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Association website at the time. The generator tags show that this iteration comes from a company called DNN Software. When I look at the current version in desktop and mobile it just feels like they waste the entire fold on a bloated image but that’s only an opinion.


I think there is obvious remorse on this decision from within the programs themselves. But now that the implementation is in place it is difficult to rollback. I believe in order to file “grievances” of the sort with the WIAA a school has to go through its own Athletic Department first and typically Athletic Directors halt this process for their own political reasons.


I think Brookfield east will likely be ok given they may go from a fringe/good team to a great team team next year and only get better the following year. They are a top 5ish team next year probably. That being said I agree with everyone that move overall makes no sense. It is interesting that we as fans were saying all the top guys and teams were in that Madison west sectional a few years back and well that’s changing (despite the fact that Middleton has even gotten better) as some of these other sectionals based on the youth movement look tough. Germantown despite having a crummy indoor season so far has the horses to potentially contend for a state title next year and Brookfield east has a tremendous group of young runners. I guess the positive is At least we have the alignments so as fans we can give our way too early cross country projections as early as the day after the state track meet. With all the facts at least we can project.


Let’s look at this latest administrative travesty from over Lake Michigan. You can click the image below to expand and zoom in further.

Tendick Park would be 10 miles north or 10 miles right in the picture above. I have approximated three other potential course locations using checkered flags:

  • Mitchell Park where the Brookfield schools would host meets
  • Rotary Park where Menomonee Falls would host meets
  • Grant Park where South Milwaukee can host a meet.

Two other frequented locations in West Allis might be Greenfield Park and McCarty Park but I am not sure if they would be good places to hold a sectional.

Notice there is an overlapping irregular quadrilateral in the middle of the encapsulated sectionals. Carmen (at the corner) is the cause of this and all that comes with it to the Central sectional is Wauwatosa West.

There are many observations to make but I will leave that up to you all.


There was a D1 Sectional at Greenfield Park back in 1998 that was run on a Friday afternoon after school. It seemed to go alright then with 15 teams, though since I dont think they have had a Sectional there since, maybe not.


Is Carmen really a class a school? I haven’t heard of it. I mean that as no disrespect to that coach or program it just surprised me to not know of a class a school in the Milwaukee area. I mean the other issue with sectional 7 other than it has multiple teams that are typically of state meet quality is despite homestead not having a good team over the last few years (which i would assume is atypical given the size and affluence of the school and I assume Andy bosley will work hard to improve the team given his pedigree as a runner) is the top 8th grade prospect in the state is baby boz and we know he will be relevant for the next 4 years. He doesn’t need pressure as a true freshman to do what his brother did but he will at least be a contender to make state and by sophomore year he will be relevant even if he is nowhere near the sub 8:50 2 miler drew has likely become. Hard to imagine he isn’t a sub 9:30 guy if he stays healthy and has a good work ethic just given his fortunate gene pool and early promising signs of success


Carmen on its own is not a D1 school. It’s probably a big D3 or small D2 school. However they are another example of an MPS school trapped in a bad co-op team. Their enrollment is probably a couple hundred, but combined with all of the other schools they are co-oped with their enrollment is probably 7000-8000. I am familiar with one of the coaches from
there (a friend of a friend of a friend), and if they had their own team and were in a lower division they have the potential become a respectable team, but co-oped into D1 they are doomed.


Brookfield East, Marquette and Wauwatosa East should move to Sectional 8 with Brookfield East as the host while Carmen, Bradley Tech and Wauwatosa West should move to Sectional 7 where Germantown of Menomonee Falls should host. This way that quadrilateral disappears with Tosa West and Tech being at the divide. Still not perfect but a lot better.


So Carmen has like four campuses spread all over the city? WTF? Are any of them something that would have been recognizable back in the 1970’s?


I am not familiar with all of the locations. I know that one is located at Pulaski, and is the source of some controversy.


@AnakinFavre In track Carmen is in one sectional and Pulaski is in a different sectional so I don’t think Pulaski is part of the carmen conglomerate or if you just meant a location vs an actual former school. Actually it said Milwaukee Pulaski but Pulaski is also up with ashwaubenon. Are there 2 Pulaski’s? I guess so I never knew that. Milwaukee juneau is part of Carmen conglomerate that was a real school that occasionally had a top runner


@Goforthewin You know what? I just didn’t look at those sectional assignments close enough. The Carmen co-op team consists only of the Carmen campuses, which makes sense. I assumed, wrongly, that there were other schools in the co-op. I still have a hard time believing that even with all three campuses together, that they would be in Division 1, but that seems to be the case.

There are indeed two Pulaskis. There is the one you mentioned up in the Green Bay area, and then there is Milwaukee Pulaski, home of Don Gehrman, Steve Sippy, and Stan Graffin. One of the Carmen campuses is actually located at Milwaukee Pulaski. It was the source of some contention, as some people believed that instead of spending money on a “new” school inside of an already existing school, that the money should have been allocated to improve Milwaukee Pulaski. A similar situation exists at Milwaukee North. This is probably not the proper forum to discuss whether that is right or wrong.

Finally, regarding Milwaukee Juneau, the original high school closed maybe ten years back? Recently a new school has opened bearing the Juneau name, but I don’t know that much about it. They are going it alone, and they are in Division 3 for cross country next year (sectional 8). That is probably the right move in order to try and grow the program and make themselves relevant.


Sectional 8 looks sad compared to 7. No common sense thought at all to the assignments. Maybe if we got a person in the WIAA who actually knows and understands cross country it might help. Oh Marci where are you now.