2019 Conference Results




In the Badger North:

  • Cade Ferron pulled off a triple (1:59.94 - 4:30.24 - 9:50.70)
  • Reagan Hoopes of Waunakee doubled 5:09.74/11:35.70

In the Badger South:

  • Lauren Beauchaine of Oregon 5:15.87 / 11:14.29
  • Kyle Legler of Madison Edgewood 4:34.27/9:55.79
  • James Giftos MIA

I think Cade Ferron is back in 4:22 shape. I also think it would have been nice to have Hoopes and Beauchaine race against one another. Giftos and his brother must have both quit running?


Athletic.net shows that James giftos threw the discus for the jv team so I think he competed for his team (was on the team) but most likely has a lower leg injury of some sort that prevented him from running. Probably stress fractures I’m guessing


It’s as if the Monona Grove team died right along with the strong legacy of the Monona Grove Invitational.

  • Distance Night in Palatine is three weeks earlier
  • Myrhum attracts same type of attention ~6 days prior
  • Dates were nearing and/or overlapping conference schedules

All it takes is one very bad cross country and former track distance coach to flush all that potential talent down the toilet and squander the history involved with the program. What a dumpster fire :fire: :fire: :fire:!!!

MG had all those 4:30-4:40/9:55-10:10 freshman and sophomores that one year and hardly any of them reached their potential. Giftos was a 4:22/9:22 sophomore and Ellenbacker had a lot of talent too. Time to make a significant change at Monona Grove XC to better serve the kids year round, get them to focus on the right goals and restore the overall program. They have a solid assistant coach but he needs the ability to guide the kids rather than be handed a fire extinguisher after its too late.


I can’t find the results from the oak creek conference. Was this meet cancelled for the second year in a row due to weather? If so that’s absolutely crazy not to run (for most good but not great athletes) the most important meet of the season for a second year in a row



SEC Results


It’s interesting Potter did not run at conference given he may still be the class a favorite in the 400 more based off of his 3 year history of being excellent vs this years results in a very close field. He is running the 4x800, 400 and 4x400 at regionals. Ethan king is a fine 400 runner and may win state but he showed tons of promise in that 800 indoors. He possibly could have been with the big dogs by seasons end if he stuck with it. He is not a great 200 runner at all but I believe is also running the 4x800 400 and 4x400. It’s great to run with your teammates and get them too state and maybe get them a medal but both squads have 3 solid runners and a 4th guy who is kindve unknown in the 4x800 and oak creek I think has a freshman in the 4x400. 6th place in the triple jump was 43 feet that’s pretty good competition in that event