2019 Conference Results


Chapman sighting at the Rock Valley Conference Meet today

Boys 800 Meter Run
 Name Year School Finals H# Points
 1 Henry Chapman 12 East Troy 1:56.74 2 10
 2 Andrew Pahnke 12 McFarland 1:56.77 2 8
 3 Patrick Fasick 12 McFarland 1:57.05 2 6
Boys 1600 Meter Run
 Name Year School Finals Points
 1 Henry Chapman 12 East Troy 4:15.61 10
 2 Andrew Pahnke 12 McFarland 4:19.23 8
 3 Nate Fox 12 East Troy 4:24.60 6
 4 Eli Kemna 12 McFarland 4:35.48 5
Boys 3200 Meter Run
 Name Year School Finals Points
 1 Riley Siltman 10 Evansville 9:37.20 10
 2 Nate Fox 12 East Troy 9:43.20 8
 3 Eli Kemna 12 McFarland 10:08.77 6


Saw the races live and Pahnke led the entirety of both races until the last 150m in the 1600 and was out leaned in the 800.


Big 8- No lights out times from the big guns. Middleton was doubling and tripling some of their distance guys to go for the team title and had to battle to finally pull away from Verona who was running without their top sprinter a 22.1, 11.0 sprinter. Outstanding athlete of the meet Max Herkert from Verona who won the vault in 14’ and garnered another 24 points by placing in the high hurdles, intermediate hurdlesand second in the high jump 6’2".




  • Rowen Ellenberg: 1:58.49 / 4:15.90
  • Matt Meinke: 4:19.37 / 9:24.26
  • Jack Scherer: 9:27.62

Big surprise is Scherer. I think on Bloomquist’s best day he can beat Scherer but with Scherer’s exceptional time we can’t expect too much more from a sophomore.

From the Underclassmen Rankings thread:

		9:25.95      Jack Rader        Middleton                   2018
		9:26.22      David Pede        Wisconsin Lutheran          2006
		9:26.30      Chris Rombough    New London                  2005
		9:27.00      Olin Hacker       Madison West                2015
	  **9:27.62**    Jack Scherer      Oshkosh North               2021
		9:28.18      Derek Storkel     Tomah                       2009
		9:28.72      Kevin McCollow    Shorewood                   2010
		9:28.84      Andrew Lacy       McFarland                   2006
		9:28.90      Ben Porter        East Troy                   2003
		9:29.38      Wesley Schiek     Valley Christian            2018


@zen how did the other young Neenah runners do? Baum-Henderson-zeigert




Big run from freshman Patrick Wills who took the Classic Eight Conference meet showing he could win over a 4:24i/9:29 guy in Alexander Vance.

  • Patrick Wills - 4:28.06
  • Alex Vance - 2:01.52/4:29.23
  • Ian Nadolski - 4x8-split/4:31.54/9:38.16

Though Mukwonago won the 4x8 in 8:16 I think Oconomowoc has a team that can go 7:53. Here is an estimated Cooney Bank:

  • ~ 1:58 Alex Vance (2:01/4:24i/9:29)
  • ~ 1:57 Zachary Zenner (50.98/4x8 experience)
  • ~ 1:58 Zachary Fredrich (52.94/18:09.3 xc)
  • ~ 1:59 Michael Kluz (4:31/9:40)
  • ~ 1:59 Miles Mulder (2:05i)
  • ~ 2:02 Noah Meissner (9:59)

They ran 8:27.85 to win conference relays on April 17th with a Vance to Mulder to Zenner to Kluz configuration. Zenner has the footspeed but whether he has the strength is uncertain. This is why Kluz or Vance is probably a good anchor because as true mid-distance runners they might be able to step up to the occasion. I would consider leading off with Mulder and anchoring with Vance but if there was some sort of guarantee you could get a 1:57 out of Zenner then try for:

  • Kluz (~1:58)
  • Mulder (~1:59)
  • Zenner (~1:57)
  • Vance (~1:57)

A good place for Vance to receive the baton is around others. If he is stuck in no-man’s land he may run only ~2:00 but put him in a race against others and he can go 1:57. Also interesting is that Oconomowoc now has four guys under ten for the 3200: 9:29-9:40-9:49-9:59.


I edited the FVA post with a link to the FVA Results.

Neenah in the open mid-distance events:

  • Meinke (4:19/9:24)
  • Congdon (4:29/9:52)
  • Bauer (2:04/4:31)
  • Ziegert (2:01)

Here are the unnamed Neenah relays:


Outside chance Henderson was in the above 4x4 but he has held 4x4 roles before just not at this particular level. Only the split takers would know. If he was not sidelined then figure him for a 2:02 split in the 4x800 and maybe a 53-split in the 4x400 if he ran on the relay. Neenah has the 11.12 100M guy in Schneider and 23.23 200M from Carston Chancellor that they could add to their 51.2/52.1 open guys in that 3:27 4x400 as well.


Henderson was in the 4x8, not sure what his split was. He was also in the 3200 but dropped out of the race. Ziegert likely ran a 1:57ish split in the 4x8. Krause from Hortonville split somewhere in the 1:54-1:55 range to bring them back into the race. They were a few seconds back of Kaukauna on the anchor leg and I overheard some Kaukauna coaches state their anchor split 1:58.

Rowen sat on Meinke in the 1600 until about 250 to go and then it was over. Meinke in turn sat on Scherer in the 3200 until about 400 to go, Scherer hung tight until 150 to go and Meinke comfortably pulled away. Scherer lead from the gun in the race and was the one setting the pace.


North Shore

1600 Dyer 4:17.03
800 Bosley 1:55.1
3200 Bosley 9:24.87

I don’t know what to say about Bosley. That’s a good result for Dyer heading into the State series.

North Shore Results


In the Wisconsin Valley, the coaches found a way to not have Jaworski (200, 400, LJ) and Willis (1600, 4x4) go straight up.




Bosley ran 1:55.10 fresh against Dyer then 9:24 shortly after. Have to wonder if the Bosley trenches were testing the reload time for a triple at sectionals. Did anyone notice if he jogged a Galen Rupp styled 4:18 for his warmup or cooldown? If so Bosley might be able to run 4:15/1:55/9:20 at sectionals.

Or maybe he was trying to answer Ellenberg’s 800 win at Myrhum – the race Bosley scratched – with a solo effort but came up 1.2s short.


That may have been Holmes first time under 4:30 running a solid 4:24.9. Was third as he was nudged by that fine sophmore from slinger but Holmes got him back in the 3200


Interesting triple from Krause of Hortinville.

1:54-55 split



This was a great race up top!


I think this next race means Browne is in 1:56-high shape for sectionals-state.


I think the top two can break 9:30 – one already has – and sophomore Josh Truchon can run about 9:32. This race looks like it was somewhat tactical to produce this close finish at the end.




Meet Results

  • Goodmanson 5:15/11:17 double and w/ her on the 4x8 (10:02) they are definitely sub-10
  • Robert Martin not exactly a surprise winner but defeated Sodemann of South Milwaukee by a full two seconds (1:57.93-1:59.93)
  • Aidan Sodemann ran an interesting 400-800-4x4 triple (52.18/1:59.93/3:35.14)


FRCC Conference Results

This was a solid race among three juniors:


This is how they fared the rest of the meet:

  • Khalid Mohamed of Preble 4:23.58/9:53.09
  • Andrew Lopez of De Pere 4:25.75/1:58.46/4x4 anchor
  • Ryan Thieme of Bay Port 4:25.17/2:02.15/2nd leg 4x4

Decent 3200 result with three Preble runners under 10 and the Bay Port frosh at 10:03.



Great effort from Krause in the 4x8, but certainly cost him in his next 2 races. He was never in the 1600 race and looked gassed from the gun. Was out with the leaders in the 3200 through about 1600 and then faded. Have to think with that split he goes 4x8 and 800 going forward.




As usual SPASH just about cleaned house at the Wisconsin Valley meet.

Their 4x8 loaded should be challenging 7:55 with Lepak, Milkowski and Franz in the rotation along with whomever ran the fastest on the relay or whomever can run the fastest among the sub-10 3200 runners.


On the girls side Jaworski had an impressive quadruple for 38-points with marks of 12.44 - 54.52 - 24.82 - 18-07LJ. But as someone mentioned both Willis (5:07.95/4x4 second leg) and Jaworski avoided each other at all costs.


The big 3 of Germantown after being insignificant indoors looked great at arrowhead 2 weeks ago and were all coming on like gangbusters so I’m a little surprised conference was a mediocre meet with Schnoor not running and the other 2 in the mix of tactical races but definitely not a next level up from arrowhead and I personally think conference matters more than mhyrum. Hopefully just a bump in the long road to state. I’m thinking they could be a surprise winner of the 4x800 depending on what Easton did but less likely now. I’m holding off answering the state meet surprise questionnaire until I see what events people run at regionals. I thought Muhammad was a junior too from cross country program. Milesplit is reporting him as a senior. Assuming he is a junior preble will have a nice cross team next year. Milesplit has kisting as a freshman so clearly they are wrong a lot although usually right on years. Muhammad made state in the mile as a sophmore so I think it’s likely he is a junior unless something is just funky


Southwest Wisconsin Conference


2019-05-15_122620 2019-05-15_122554

Two things about Dodgeville/Mineral Point:

  • Freshman Will Aurit 4:38.79/10:20.24 (pretty darn good)
  • a potential 4x8 nucleus (Aurit - McGraw - Keith) can get D/MP back to 8:05 again by state with:
    • 52-second quarter miler Eisenzimmer (has a mid-distance last name)
    • Peyton Tranel on a better day
    • 53-second quarter miler Beasley

Looks like the 4x8 D/MP boys took their six points and held it once their top two were out of the race. They’ll probably be around at state!