2017 XC Results - Week 4


initial report out of wausa is Bosley is resting this week. I think next week is his showdown with meinke. My guy can’t find any homestead runners so maybe it was a team bus malfunction or maybe they are in the back and hard to find but definetly no bosley


Smiley: Stevens point looks like they are good enough to win state if they could drag Perez off the soccer fields with a dominating performance and even without Perez they look like a top 8 team. One of my darkhorses hyland competed better in this race. I remember this course as challenging but times look pretty good today, maybe it’s just challenging due to the crowds if your over 17:30 and fast otherwise. Bosley probably would have broken 15 on this course. 2 teams off the radar euclaire memorial has an excellent 1-2 punch and 2 up and coming freshman in their top 5 that could improve a lot, wausa west a team I’ve never seen much from in cross country has 3 excellent young runners including a freshman in the 16:50s I believe. @zen darkhorse is from euclaire


Angel boys:


All race results

It was hot out there today. Two weeks from now, if rain is witheld at the Eagle, Parkside times will be blazing due to the cooler temps.

That said, David Vannucchi’s 15:47 and margin of victory tells us two things.

  1. In cooler conditions and with another of his caliber pushing him that time lowers by 15-20 seconds or more. This is the new D3 hero.

  2. 4:20 speed as a strong looking but young for his grade sophomore, this kid is starting to become part of the “what if” conversation for Footlocker. It’s beautiful to witness the rise of the next champion and we are here now. Yes, he won D3 last year but this is on the brink of a next level beyond that. If you can run 15:22 at Parkside you are in that conversation. Result today shows every indication that he can get there.


SPASH ran REALLY well today, a completely different team from the last two weeks. They put 7 runners under 17, and I’m fairly certain the entire varsity besides Belson PR’d, which makes me wonder a little bit about this particular layout, but maybe they just figured something out. Regardless, they ran smart, and as a result they ran fast. Maybe they were trying to recruit Ricky…:running_man:


Will vanucci race Bosley and meinke next week? Would more like to see how vanucci does against guys like Rowan ellenburg or the iron sheik or even Caleb Easton before thinking he is a national elite as their is plenty of competition in state and this was a great victory but I dont think he beat anyone who is top 10 in the state moreso top 15 guys. I actually think your gonna need to run near 15 flat to make top 10 this year at park side (weather dependent) as the Midwest this year is the toughest of the 4 regions when it comes to depth but agree some of these guys could Fade in November it’s a long ways away. Have a ton of elite individuals from all over midwest and then the depth in Ohio and illinois is deep a lot of 4:13 9:05 guys back this year in those 2 states alone with guys running sub 15 all over the place (sub 14:30 in Illinois for 3 miles).


@ccnoob surprised he didn’t do both like meinke did last year. I’m assuming the cross country coach didn’t let him but he could probably finish top 20 at state in cross country if he focused on soccer and ran select races for Stevens point. I’m sure the cross country coach was just pissed and didn’t entertain it. Perez would definetly be in discussion for top 6 individuals if he went out although a lot of depth this year so without desire and grit a top 20 is more likely. I agree course looked fast either great weather or the course is fast for the guys up front and slow if your stuck with the masses given the crowds and tight paths/turns. Belson will need to show his 48 second 400 meter speed and pass a lot of people at state for this team (without Perez) to sneak into the top 5. Given Stevens point had a jv runner break 17 and given sun prarie girls were all running really fast the course does look a little fast but could have just been a great day to run fast.


Sun prarie girls interestingly only ran 5? On varsity not sure why exactly unless they used jv as a time trial to make varsity for griak next week. I need to give a shout out to my first brooke jaworski sighting finishing 7th at smiley around 19 flat so she looks good enough to make state but unless she improves is not in condition to place top 8. She has time to take another leg down and of course she should have the best kick in the field. Not too many woman in the us can potentially win state in the 200 meters 4 years in a row potentially and be a top 20 in the state runner in the 5k as well she is absolutely amazing. As @zen knows I am waiting til she runs that 800 as she could represent wisconsin as the top girl in the nation in that event as she can be better than Amy wickus. Imagine Kenny bednaker breaking 16 in cross that is basically what brooke is doing


I am talking about the Midwest level of Footlocker. My theory still stands with strong anecdotal evidence from many years prior. Timing is also of the essence. If in 15:22 shape at Footlocker MW you will be part of the conversation on raceday. Might take faster to get in like Kromer’s 15:08 but thats part of the surprise when youre rolling at the top. Not much indicated Kromer was ready for that yet but he did. Except for that rockin’ mullet of course.

Wisconsin has had great luck with the #8 spot running smart but barely punching through and then rising to the occasion once at the big dance with nothing left to lose.


Here’s the link to the smiley results being discussed.


Would help if others integrated the links too as they come.


Oh boy, I cant wait until Westharrier gets home. He not only loves the Smiley but knows the rival Sun Prairie boys quite well :wink:


Perez always did both, he just did club soccer rather than HS. I wouldn’t assume it was a coaching decision. He’s a heck of an athlete and would be a great addition to the team but as long as he’s happy with his decision, more power to him.


Sorry Zen, was going to try posting an image of the results but hadnt had luck getting pics out. Brain froze on posting the link…


Marquette Invite Results

Basically a dual meet between Marquette and Madison West as they were basically the only two teams who weren’t either not very good or ran their JV.


Just a sidebar to the Angel Invite: The course (Parkside) was reconfigured this year. As a spectator with 4 kids going through high school as xc runners, this is the first time (I’m pretty sure) in 14 years that I saw the boys run this configuration - they didn’t do the loop through the woods on the south side of the starting area. Somehow they looped and eventually came along the road and ran past the entrance.(The girls ran along the road in the old 4K configuration.) I heard one coach say this was probably faster than the usual course. It was very warm but the course was firm. Vannucchi did run away with it.


Great detective work, @VenturaHighway! Duly noted. Is there construction going on and does that mean that the helix-like winding uphill in the third mile was avoided along with the typical downhill into the three mile? I am confused.


Pending more information on the course modifications for this year this is how the all-time list for the Angel Invitational looks. We are at one of the last warm weeks of the year. I don’t remember the 2012 temperatures off the top of my head when Hirsch ran 15:22 but that was a super loaded race and 2011 with much of that same group was pretty loaded too. Please feel free to chime in.

Time Name School Year
15:22 Carl Hirsch Brookfield Central 2012
15:38 Bryan Culver Waukesha South 2003
15:40 Kevin Ryan Kenosha St. Joseph 2012
15:43 Carl Hirsch Brookfield Central 2011
15:44 Dan Gagne Wauwatosa East 2012
15:45 Scott Mueller Brookfield Central 2003
15:45 Brad Woodford Waukesha South 2012
15:47 David Vannucchi Luther 2017
15:48 Dan Gagne Wauwatosa East 2011
15:49 Brad Woodford Waukesha South 2011
15:49 Luke Versweyveld Christian Life/Faith Christian 2013
15:50 Kevin Ryan Kenosha St. Joseph 2013
15:52 Joe Stilin Milwaukee King 2007
15:54 Andres Tineo Paz The Prairie School 2011
15:54 Lane Geisness Waukesha North 2012
15:54 Bret Harms Whitewater 2012
15:55 Jason Marhal Port Washington 2012


I think I can get a course map (the one run today)…entertaining some folks now so give me some time :smile:


I was also at the meet today. I heard that one of the varsity runners who is a senior from Kenosha Bradford (Parkside is their home course) said the new configuration is harder than the usual course. Vannucchi had to deal with dust and exhaust fumes from the lead cart. When the cart went by where I was standing it threw up a thick cloud of dust which Vannucchi had to run through. The cart was too close to the leader of the race which is counter-productive to producing the best times. That couldn’t have been ideal race conditions.

One of the cart drivers said the FootLocker race will be on the usual course.


When are you ever NOT entertaining “folks” is the real question :ice_cream:


Sorry to disappoint, the map I thought was the new configuration was actually unrelated to today’s race at Parkside. My son who ran today thought it was a more difficult course - he ran in the 17:40’s today and ran injured last year in the 18:40’s. Zen, the entertainment started early, 14 straight years of leaving the Angel Invite and taking my mom and wife to the Yard Arm in Racine - Bloody Mary’s, buffalo burgers, and of course their famous sand dollars…then a house-full back at home for a BBQ… I know, too much info. Back to business.South Milwaukee is improving, my first exposure to Bradford - solid. Mukwonago is good but they have to get by Hamilton at sectionals - might be closer than folks think, Enjoy the rest of the weekend - Ventura Highway.