2017 MN State Meet Predictions Thread


Post your predictions here, let’s see who’s predictions are the most spot on

  1. Acer Iverson
  2. Khalid Hussein
  3. Luke Labbate
  4. Isaac Basten
  5. Joe Minor
  6. Max Manley
  7. Adam Wilkinson
  8. Tom Breuckman
  9. Myles Fleming
  10. Addison Stansbury
  11. Blake Buysse
  12. Grant Matthews
  13. Nick Scheller
  14. Mitchell Tolander
  15. Andrew Brandt
  16. Mac Karrick
  17. Ben Olson
  18. Austin Streit
  19. Eli Hoeft
  20. Ben Vanderbosch
  21. Mike Rohlinger
  22. Joe Hesse Withbroe
  23. Caleb Haugland
  24. Keaton Gruber
  25. George Nowak
  26. Wayzata
  27. WBL
  28. Edina
  29. Stillwater
  30. Mounds View



  1. Khalid Hussein
  2. Acer Iverson
  3. Grant Matthews
  4. Joe Minor
  5. Max Manley
  6. Tom Breuckman
  7. Ben Olson
  8. Adam Wilkinson
  9. Blake Buysse
  10. Luke Labbate
  11. Mitchell Tolander
  12. Isaac Basten
  13. Keaton Gruber
  14. Austin Streit
  15. Eli Hoeft
  16. Addison Stansbury
  17. Andrew Brandt
  18. Owen Gage
  19. Nick Scheller
  20. Ben Vanderbosch
  21. Torin Christianson
  22. Myles Fleming
  23. Mike Rohlinger
  24. Joe Hesse-Withbroe
  25. Ryan Tracy


  1. Wayzata
  2. Stillwater
  3. Edina
  4. White Bear Lake
  5. Mounds View

Khalid won’t lose… The only person beating Khalid, is Khalid. It should be a great race. I wish everyone the best off luck.


You actually have the worst rankings ever you judge people off a single performance and not consistency or history. Khalid ran 4:12 and 9:14 on the track off no winter training coming off a knee injury. Khalid has ran 15:05 as of last year and 9:10 on the track as a sophomore. The man has got second at state twice, once in track and once in cross country. Khalid is the returning man going into the state meet he got second last year how are you gonna de-rank a kid like that who is way faster than some junior whose PR’s do not match up to Khalid’s at all. Khalid was 27th at nationals and was close to an All American status in cross country. Khalid has placed high in state and has raced among the best and trained with Jaret Carpenter; Khalid has a great team who all run great times so he has a great training group to help him push him to be better. Acer is a good runner but has never been in the top at state of cross or track and does not have experience of contending to a title, as for Khalid, he has had multiple chances in his span from sophomore year to now to contend for a title. That is like saying Kevin Love is better than Lebron come on now.


Alright chill you overreacting spaz, I know very well that this is a bold prediction. I’m going with an upset, sometimes it’s fun to do that in a prediction. Acer ran 15:31 on a tough course, He’s looked so strong throughout the season, and he’s who I’m going with. Khalid could very well win too obviously he’s the favorite, but I’m predicting we will see a win out of Acer. It’s just a prediction- no reason to cry about it


I have the utmost amount of respect for Khalid, he’s a good guy and I would love to see him win.


Kevin love is way better than lebron


I would have to disagree with you on that one.

Read this article. It will blow your brains out!


if you had the utmost respect for Khalid you wouldn’t de-rank him like that this is his year. Acer has his senior year to try and win state but Manley will give a run for his money next year. you are the type of kid to say the brooklyn nets are going to win the finals. get your head out of your ass.


Settle down, CRD! Many of us don’t have their favorite horse in the race. You obviously do. That’s ok, but mixing it up is fine too. Maybe the smart money is on Khalid, but most of the money wasn’t on Roos either and look what happened. The #1 runner doesn’t always have their best day at state. Besides Khalid’s peak is supposed to be 3/4 weeks after state anyway.


Actually Roos was the number one runner but milesplit and other people put some bullshit rankings together. Roos was the returning man going into that race because he was fifth at state the year before and everyone above him was a senior. You have to take into account that placement matters more than anything in cross, times help in a sense but Roos coming off 5th at cross state his junior year and 3rd in the 3200 in state his junior year was bound to make some noise at state. I know he struggled and was getting beat in the beginning of the year but for the second half of the year he was consistant and qualified for NXN his 3rd year in a row and almost qualified for Footlocker Nationals. Khalid has been beat for a state title three times it’s his senior year he will not let that happen and he knows what he has to do to win. Also if you are gonna go off times, his times are way faster than anyone else in the state of Minnesota this year from mile to 5k he is faster by time than anyone. By placement at state he is the returning man in cross, 1600 and 3200


last year was understandable and very questionable who would win state since the field was a bit more competitive but this year come on now. No one said Jaret would lose state and that year was pretty competitive


Comparing Acer to the Brooklyn Nets isn’t even a comparison dude you’re talking about a guy who literally has destroyed everyone he has ran against this year. He’s running great right now and has a great chance to win on Saturday. Khalid is also a great runner who has a great chance to win on a Saturday also


If Khalid hadn’t had injury problems I would have put him 1st for sure. It’s no disrespect towards him, ■■■■ happens. He has improved every race and he’s going to be peaking at the perfect time to be an All American at NXN. I also believe Acer has great NXN potential. With all things considered for this particular race I am going with Acer Iverson on saturday, and I won’t be surprised if Khalid proves me wrong.


And that’s why my money is on Acer. Whomever wins, it’ll be a great race.


Im not gonna argue with you but can you tell me who Acer races against. Section 6AA is always good because they always have good competition and run difficult courses. Acer is a great runner has a chance to be top five in state but he doesn’t run with good competition and his section course is not difficult but still very impressive he ran 15:31. I do apologize though for that Acer isn’t the Brooklyn Nets. But from 20th place last year to winning state as a junior is very slim. Im not a hater on Acer I really wish him the best of luck at state but to de-rank Khalid like that is absurd when he is the clear favorite and ultimately deserves more than anyone to win state.


Quit making these outrageous statements. The nets are going to the finals


Uploading… you didn’t pick Jaret by the way


The man behind the Ping juggernaut just popped up on MileSplit today.



Dude this is getting so intense. Also Section 4AA, easy course? The last person to go sub-15:40 on that course was Wayde Hall with a 15:37, and the other guys to win in the past few years were all top-10 state runners, some of them top 5.


Boys Individuals:

  1. Khalid Hussein
  2. Acer Iverson
  3. Max Manley
  4. Mitchell Tolander
  5. Blake Buysse
  6. Joseph Minor
  7. Luke Labbate
  8. Isaac Basten
  9. Eli Hoeft
  10. Tom Breuckman
  11. Austin Streit
  12. Grant Matthews
  13. Owen Gage
  14. Myles Fleming
  15. Caleb Haugland
  16. Keaton Gruber
  17. Mac Karrick
  18. Adam Wilkinson
  19. Ben Olson
  20. Anders Sonnesyn
  21. Alex Nemeth
  22. Trenton Allen
  23. David Dahl
  24. Andrew Brandt
  25. Mike Rohlinger


  1. Wayzata
  2. Edina
  3. WBL
  4. Mounds View
  5. Stillwater

Some people may think that a few of my risky picks were too bold. We will see who is the most right on Saturday afternoon.