2016 State Track


Figured we should kick the conversation off here, since I just saw the 1600m results have have no idea where Finn’s name is? Details please!


crap I missed the race. thought it was tonight. what were results


T. Wagner FS in 800.


you can find live results off this page: http://live.milesplit.com/2016/06-03-WIAA/Web/Timetable.php?D=1


@Biff that’s terrible -


Just looking at the results, been a weird meet! Finn DNS? Tanner Wagner FS? Caleb Ogden misses finals in the 200?


Also curious how the 1600 played out- so many times we expect fast times and the races just don’t pan out that way.


Caleb Ogden shuts down in the last 10 meters of the 200, lets a guy pass him and then ends up not qualifying for the final by .004.


T. Wagner had a big lead, 25 - 30 meters or so, after running a 2:01 to 2:02 middle 800 and then blew up with 75 meters to go, almost walking at the end. Three guys passed him in the last 10 meters. Hagge passed Wagner with maybe 50 - 60 to go and was on rubber legs street himself at the end and then had nothing in the 800. That’s all memory so it could be off on the margins, but that’s the gist.


Roberts 10:13.


Oh man, so I stand corrected, they went for it!


Franklin boys positioning themselves nicely to make a run at a team trophy possibly


@Biff thank you for that color on the 1600. tough meet for tanner but I’m glad he went for it and he will be amazing next year


routhier I believe finishes the year undefeated in the 800 including the state meet but only gets 6th. he could have won that race I believe although he’s not in the same league as perrin and tannor. I’m surprised perrin didn’t have it in the 800 perhap that sectional triple hurt him more than we thought


One thing to keep in mind is that the wind was just about directly against on the straight and hard. The sprint times weren’t all that good.

I just re-watched the 1600. T. Wagner’s splits were about 63.3, 61.7, 60.7. Here are some screenshots.



I believe Finn is ineligible to run the 3200 but I don’t know if this rule has been changed over the years. I personally like not letting athletes drop out at state as it’s unfair to the sectional guy who didn’t make it but now that there are 3 automatic bids I don’t feel as bad for the 4th guy. if Finn was in the slow heat than tactically passing on the race to win the 2 mile fresh (if legal) was probably a smart tactical move.



Least he went for it, but damn, that last 10-20 meters looks brutal. Sucks that no one went out with him.


The D2 1600 went out in 67, 67, 66. As you can imagine, just about the whole field was in the pack and stumbling, bumbling around like a bunch of drunken sailors.

Great close by Otte.


I think t wag was through the 1200 in 3:05 or so, but ran out of gas