2015 Tourney Challenge


ESPN League Link: http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2015/en/group?groupID=790000
Entries: 2 per user
Group Name: TrackTalk.net
Password: exceptionalhair





I entered yesterday. UVA was looking really good until the ACC tourney. My strategy is to pick a few late upsets and hope one of the big dogs like Kentucky goes out early. Or that Gonzaga goes far. I should make another one with Gonzaga winning.


My strategy is to pick the final four teams first and move them through the entire regional brackets. Then I work backwards to pick winners for the #7 vs #10s, #3 vs #6s and so on. Then at the end I decide who wins it all.

And then I hold onto thoughts of upsets as I investigate further. The gut check says ‘no way does a #13 seed take down a #4 in the opening round’. But then I think back to Wofford, Winthrop, Davidson, Florida Gulf Coast and Gonzaga (pre-2005). One of the Winthrop teams had a documentary a few years back. How the coach recruited a foreign 7-foot center, took a chance on a thug from the bronx, recruited in-state players that were being overlooked and gambled on their potential. And then they picked up a crucial transfer or something. As I’m railing these facts off the top of my head I can’t verify if all I said was 100% accurate. But you get the picture.

I love seeing teams like the Winthrop I’m referring to who’ve put the numbers together in an unorthodox fashion. And then, with their respective schools rallied behind them, they bring it on game day!

I don’t think we have a 2008 Davidson cinderella story, a 10-seed that took down perennial power Georgetown in the second round and flirted with last second chances to make the final four. But the story and roster of Eastern Washington University looks eerily familiar.

[INDENT]Tyler Harvey - a junior point guard who leads the NCAA in scoring this season http://www.goeags.com/sports/m-baskbl/2014-15/Bios/harvey_tyler_qahd
NCAA Rankings - #3 in points per game, #19 in field goal percentage
Supporting role - Drew Brandon
EWU to Portland - 5 h 12 min (339.3 mi) via I-84[/INDENT]

And of course there are more teams like this out there. Complete but incomplete. In any case, I am excited for the tournament. It’s my favorite time of the year. Usual suspects are in the hunt for the championship. In my opinion, the only team that can knock Kentucky out is Kentucky which is what I think will happen. I think Notre Dame is a great basketball team in a non-#1 spot to keep your eyes on. Same with UNC, UNI, SMU and Maryland.

Go Big Ten and go Badgers!


Won’t let me join my brackets. Is it closed now?


groups close as soon as the round of 64 start. Happened to me last year.


Too bad, I would actually be in first with one of my brackets.


First tourney. I missed in a long while . I will go with a bracket filled out following the seed pattern just to have a plate on the table. It is a well nibbled at plate already !!!


I just want to say…

runningchoc 2, Danager…



Picking the seeds really worked out this year. 890 with three final four teams.


Zen clinches the group after today.


Final score 990 for my follow the seeds bracket :frowning:


Either way I’ve won this.

thanks for playing