2015 NY State Meet Last Minute Pick Game


About 24 hours until the first gun tomorrow.
Anybody wanna play? Anybody even still out there?
I know Sweezy’s around because he posted yesterday!

I’m not doing the whole meet. Just the few I feel “knowledgeable” enough to speak on without just guessing. I’ll probably get 'em all wrong and look the fool like every year without the guessing anyway…

1000m - James Asselmeyer, Arlington
Saw him drop a 2:25 high all alone and looking effortless at quals. Flat track could take a step off, but he’s got a few step’s to spare in this one.

1600m - Luke Gavigan, Tappan Zee
Honestly, it’s a tossup between him and James Burke (assuming Brannigan goes hard in the 3200). Luke’s numbers haven’t been huge this winter, but he was looking very “2014” at Eastern States the other night, and I like that going in.

3200m - Mike Brannigan, Northport
Unquestionably the toughest call of the meet. But with arguably as many as seven runners who could take this one on any given day, I have to defer to the guy with the 8:54 on his resume’. Looking for someone to go sub-9 tomorrow.

4x800m - Shenendahowa
With Asselmeyer chasing a US#1 in the 1k, gotta go with Shen’s fresh legs.

SP - Eric Favors, North Rockland
If Jaelen Vasquez of Cardinal Hayes gets jacked up it could be interesting, but I’m looking for Eric to knock down Bonhurst’s 65’ state record tomorrow.

Meet MVP - Alex Burks, SUNY Geneseo
Because he hasn’t posted on here in awhile and I’m trying to bait him into playing. Besides…his pic will probably be on the cover of the program or the tickets or something.

Anybody got anything else???


Heh, if I had seen this I would have taken the bite. Too late now.

Shame Brannigan loses the 3200m to an early celebration…

Even bigger shame that I haven’t heard about my picture being on a large banner at this meet :rolleyes:


THIS!!! :eek:

I guess I didn’t do too badly with 3 out of 5.
Missed the 3200 by .03 (see above), but I’ll take partial credit for saying any of the top 7 could take it and then the #7 seed winning.
Definitely claiming extra credit for calling Favors’ state record.


Sucks for Mikey… but major props to Aiden T. for competing all the way to the tape. Great stuff.

Some big names were missing from the results. No Millar, no Izaiah Brown?


Izaiah Brown dropped a pair of blazin’ mid-48’s anchoring Amsterdams 4x400 prelim & final. Don’t know why he didn’t run open.
And I think I remember Kevin telling me Bryce was sick, but I don’t know that for sure.


Mid-48 splits are blazing for most HS guys… but not for Mr Brown.


Tooker’s 8:56.x for 2 Miles at Nationals was a state junior-class record.