2015 IAAF World Youth Championships


Thought this had to be made for all of us that are aiming to qualify and compete in Colombia next year. :slight_smile:


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What are the qualifying times for everybody else? Ours in Australia are fairly tough. http://www.athletics.com.au/Portals/56/High%20Performance/Documents/WY/World%20Youth%20Championships%20Selection%20Policy%20v9.pdf


USATF has not published but usually The USA looks to fill as many slots as we can. We try to bring as full a team as we can.
Broadly the order of finish at the Youth Champs selects the team.
Australia, Canada and other countries select a team that they think will be finalists and/or in the hunt for a medal or some other higher than just the IAAF requirements for inclusion paradigm.
Organizational philosophy differ nation to nation. Funding ability of course is always a gigantic factor.


Australia does say that our Standards are based on Top 8 times from the previous Youth Champs, they try to give us a better chance at making the Junior team though, as the qualifying standards are based on the Top 16 from previous championships. We do lack funding in athletics, and there aren’t many proper Tartan tracks in Australia, though our schools are starting to focus more on Track and Field, my school will have a 10 lane blue tartan track by the end of this year.


I’m 17 and will most likely make the qualifying standard for the 3000m (8:44). I haven’t looked into it much, but when I run that, do I automatically qualify? Or are there qualifying races in the US to make the team?

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: just read that the US Junior Outdoor Championships is a qualifier


Frequent poster palimmer is very well informed on this subject I’m sure he’d be glad to take a PM from you.

Keep us informed of your season and results.


Appreciate it! Will do. I’m Really excited to see how things turn out


I’ll hope to see you there if I qualify myself! Our 3000m Qualifying standard over here in Australia is 8:21.2 :o


Wow, good luck! Much quicker than I would’ve thought. Maybe I’m reading the time wrong but on IAAF it says 8:44:confused:

Post here if you make it and I’ll let you know if I do


Got my 400 hurdles qualifier as a 52.22. Has the US actually posted any standards? Because here in Australia our standards are based upon a top 8 performance.


Nations can set any standard they want for their teams just as long as they are equal to or better than the IAAF meet requirements.


Just need to run the qualifier twice to actually qualify FML. Might just focus on the Youth Commonwealth Games later this year.


I ran an equal personal best the other night after a horrible race. I had to jump over hurdle number 8, almost come to a complete stop at hurdle number 9 and just made it over hurdle 10. From that I believe I would have run a low 54 or even run in the 53s. Looks like I have some speed endurance training ahead of me.


US standards to qualify for the trials:
Not sure if they set a time to actually go to Cali.


so even a top two finish at trials and the IAAF standards does not get you a berth on the squad. My guess is having a realistic shot at the top 8 (Finalists at Cali) will be the benchmark.
the official position on selection–
Athlete Selection Procedures

USA Track & Field (USATF) will field a partial team to represent the United States at the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships (the “Team”). The team size will be determined by USATF in its sole discretion, but will include no more than 41 athletes who meet the criteria listed below.

An athlete who is one of the two highest placing finishers in an event at the 2015 USATF World Youth Track & Field Trials (Trials), scheduled for June 30-July 1, 2015 in Lisle IL, will be considered for selection to the Team with these additional qualifications:

  1. He or she has met the qualifying standard and entry guidelines set by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for the 2015 World Youth Championships. Please note that wind-aided marks in the 100m, 200m, 100m Hurdles, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, and Triple Jump will not be accepted for purposes of meeting the qualifying standard, and all international qualifying standards must have been met during the period between October 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015.
  2. He or she is eligible to represent the USA in all levels of international competition based on the Competition Rules of USATF and the IAAF.
  3. He or she was born in 1998 or 1999 (age 16 or 17 by December 31, 2015).
  4. He or she presents to the team processing staff before 8:00 pm EST on July 1, 2015 his or her current passport valid until at least January 15, 2016 (or a copy thereof).

At the completion of the World Youth Trials, the Selection Committee will evaluate the performances of all athletes who meet the above criteria, and will, in its sole discretion, select up to 41 athletes from among this group. In addition to the order of finish at the Trials, the Selection Committee will consider fitness, injuries, conditioning, projected ability to finish in the top 8 at the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships, and any other factors the Committee deems relevant or instructive.

Information Related to Obtaining a Passport

  1. The new passport rules for minors make processing more difficult than before. For more information on acquiring a passport, please visit http://travel.state.gov or your local post office.
  2. USATF will NOT assist the athlete by: a. Paying passport fees
    b. Paying passport expedition fees
    c. Traveling to a passport office to assist an athlete with obtaining a passport
    d. Paying for passport photographs
    e. Paying for an athlete’s transportation to a passport office

Eligibility Requirements
• Citizenship: Only citizens of the United States who are eligible to represent the U.S. in all levels of international competition are eligible to compete in this event. See the USATF Rules for more information and exceptions.
• Age: Only athletes born in 1998 or 1999 are eligible to compete in this event.
• USATF Membership: All athletes must be 2015 members of USATF in good standing. USATF memberships may be purchased online, or through your local Association Office.
• All entries must be accompanied by a copy of a legal document (passport or birth certificate) in order to verify date of birth and citizenship. If you have a valid passport at the time of entry, please use a copy of the information page of your passport as verification of citizenship and birth date. These copies will not be returned. You must fax a copy of your passport or birth certificate to the “World Youth Track & Field Trials” at the USATF National Office at 800-833-1466 no later than June 17, 2015. On the information being submitted please legibly write the athlete’s name and 2015 USATF membership number.
• Athletes may enter an event(s) even if they have not yet met the qualifying standard for that event(s). However, athletes will not be permitted to compete unless they have:
a. A 2015 USATF membership
b. Completed the entry process
c. Met the entry standard