2014 Millrose Games Start List


1 Miles Batty Asics
2 Nate Brannen Saucony
3 Kirubel Erassa Oklahoma State
4 Brian Gagnon NJ-NY TC
5 Johnny Gregorek Columbia U.
6 Lawi Lalang Arizona
7 Will Leer Nike
8 Leo Manzano unattached
9 Craig Miller New Balance
10 Austin Mudd Wisconsin
11 Chris O’Hare unattached
12 Alan Webb Bowerman AC
13 Nick Willis Adidas

1 Sarah Brown New Balance
2 Mary Cain Nike Oregon P
3 Emma Coburn New Balance
4 Alexa Efraimson unattached
5 Gabe Grunewald Brooks Beasts
6 Heather Kampf Asics
7 Emily Lipari Villanova Un
8 Katie Mackey Brooks Beasts
9 Cory McGee Florida
10 Treniere Moser Nike Oregon P
11 Nicole Sifuentes Saucony
12 Morgan Uceny Adidas
13 Amanda Winslow Oiselle/NJ-NY

1 Jackie Areson unattached
2 Kate Avery Iona College
3 Emma Bates Boise State
4 Kim Conley New Balance
5 Abbey D’Agostino Dartmouth
6 Brie Felnagle Adidas
7 Heidi Gregson Furman Elite
8 Sara Hall Asics
9 Margherita Magnani Fiamme Gialle
10 Betsy Saina American DP
11 Kate Van Buskirk unattached
12 Lucy Van Dalen New Balance
13 Sara Vaughn Brooks Beasts

1 Andrew Bumbalough Nike
2 Donn Cabral Nike
3 Dan Huling Nike
4 Evan Jager Nike
5 Silas Kisorio Codrington Elite
6 Bernard Lagat Nike
7 Cam Levins Nike Oregon P
8 Travis Mahoney NJ-NY TC
9 Pat McGregor NJ-NY TC
10 David Torrence Nike

1 Pierre Ambrose Bosse Nike
2 Robby Andrews Adidas
3 Tyler Mulder Oregon TC
4 Mike Rutt Hoka/NJ/NY TC
5 Matt Scherer Brooks Beasts
6 Erik Sowinski Nike
7 Nick Symmonds Brooks Beasts
8 Sharif Webb Fit Fast

1 Diana Cruz CPTC NB
2 Amanda Ecclestone unattached
3 Natoya Goule unattached
4 Anita Hindriksdottir IR Sports
5 Charlene Lipsey Adidas
6 Jenna Westaway Calgary ITC
7 Ajee’ Wilson Adidas



lots of big names, but one i am most excited to see is austin mudd in that mile. Huge talent coming out of HS and has been relatively under the radar so far in the NCAA. Im thinking he can go 356 high if that race gets out quick enough.

Also im picking mike rutt for the upset win in the 1000.


Jesse’s Facebook said he was running the mile, why did he lie?


I don’t know if I’ve just become more knowledgeable when it comes to runners in the past couple of years, but this seems like one of the stronger lineups that Millrose has managed to put together for the meet. I’m excited to go watch.


what would be a good nickname for the 1000m and 2000m runs? Not only are they odd events but they’re an odd roll off the tongue.

“One-thousand meter run” and “two-thousand meter run” compared to events in the next longest competed distances like “fifteen-hundred meter run” and “sixteen-hundred meter run” sounds very odd. “Five-thousand meters” works because it is actually a long race and thus warrants the “thousand”. Same with the ten. 1k and 2k sound like it would pertain to xc. We need something better and don’t say “ten-hundred meter run”. I will neg rep you.


Ten-hundred meter run.


I wish I could neg you twice


I’ve heard them referred to as the K/Thousand or the 2K steeple (apart from the full names) often enough. I think I’ve also heard people call it the “thou” but that sounds stupid.


do you noobs know nothing?



Mudd just ran this past weekend twice and did not look good at all in either…DMR lead off or 800


5 lapper.



The million millimeter mosey. Everyone loves some alliteration.


kilo and double kilo


Great fields with great mixes of the old guard and the young Turks. Really wish I could be there to see it; Webb’s last race; Cain being Cain; Efraimson fresh off a HS 9-flat 3000 making the second HS girls sub-4:30 are legit possibility; 1K AR attempt that includes a resurgent Andrews, and the list goes on.

I like having World Indoor in off years from outdoor champs because it helps make indoor a little more relevant. With Indoor being the only international championship that year, a few more people aim for it, it raises the level of comp a bit and we get fields like this where people are less likely to be just training through.

Interestingly, there’s no Lagat this year.


Thus far I’m going with million millimeter mosey. Personally I don’t mind the 10 hundred either. That said 1000 and 2000 don’t bother me either.

How about the “metric mile minus some!” Or for the 2000 perhaps the “masochist’s mile”


Seriously guys? It’s 1K or kilo and 2K.


Killer Kilo and A Double Shot of Ta Kilo:p


what these guys said actually what everyone said.
I have officially gotten over my “mourning the death of 11 lap indoor running” The Millrose Meet is strong at all levels and at my core I am a fan of the event “Track Meet”.

Calling them the one and two thousand is fine with me- The Grand and Two Grand might not get many salutes.
Flynn and his team take crafting fields very seriously it seems.
I feel we are starting to focus on the 600>2000 mid distance area and relay racing for post college running along with the 5/10 and up road group. This is a good thing… a great WR/AR/AR 4 x 800 reminded many of what good indoor relay racing can be. 1000-600-600-1000 as a new event? I do like using the All-Star Teams idea mixed in with the club running — chance for the top guys to get exposure* and a way the make the event a media talking point. With Rio nearing we are also reminded that below the equator travel options will open up during the northern hemisphere winter to promote the Games. Indoor fit is Outdoor fit too.

  • not lessening the $value of open event head to head matchups for them either.


No, he’s in the 2km. Got to keep racking up those ARs I guess. Hopefully Jager sticks it to him.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was being facetious. The fact that someone asked about the most convenient way to refer to a 1000m run is either ridiculous or an incredibly weak attempt to get discussion going.


Guess I missed that, thanks. And I share your sentiment about Jager.