2013 Penn Relays 4/25-27




The GREATEST Experience in Track

who’s Going??:smiley: In What?? :cool:


I’m going - flirting with running with my masters team in the 4x4. Mainly going as a spectator.


Girls Shot
13 Sabrina Silva Ralph C. Mahar (MA)




7th Georgetown 11:22.08 Andrea Keklak (3:30.6):smiley: , Deseree King (57.3), Chelsea Cox (2:11.6), Katrina Coogan (4:42.6):smiley:


2nd Bridget Dahlberg Boston College 9:20.86:D :smiley:


1 Corey Conner Maine 16:07.59:D :smiley:


Nice outcome for G-town and I agree that Coogan gets a smile for the 4:42 1600 but 3:30 for AK is the same pace within a second or two of Katrina yet just 3/4ths the distance. For a 2:06 800m runner (well 2:07 this season) who specializes in that event (five marks this season) is 3:30 a good 1200? I know it’s hard to judge because this is the only time they get to run 1200. Her 800 pace would put her 3:10 and her mile (4:50) would put her at 3:37.5. Seems like 3:25 would be good and 3:20 worth a smile (yet still in 5th place and 2 seconds behind the team she left last year). I love watching her race (well, not enough to buy the premium subscription to the Penn Relays) but all of her PRs are from 2011 (check mile, 800, 1000, 5K). That said she’s running around 0:57 for 400 and she did have a 4:26 1500 this season. Long a fan favorite, is she back?


More a “atta girl” smilie:) than a well done, didnt buy the day rate $5.95
this year, cuz I had a meet, so not sure if she was in it and faded??
Womens 10k has a few NEers in it, will post:cool:


14th Sabrina Silva Ralph C. Mahar (Orange, MA) 11.99m (39-4) :smiley:
Mass #1 outdoor mark?


18 Stephen Sollowin Northeastern 14:39.89:)

3 Keely Maguire New Hampshire 34:50.21:D
9 Allyson Oram Elon 35:37.76:)

1 Glarius Rop American Int’l 28:58.22
2 Michael Biwott American Int’l 29:03.19
4 Jeff Veiga UMass/Lowell 29:07.76:D
7 Brian Doyle Northeastern 29:40.21:)


Andrea did it the hard way. It was a wicked fast opening pace, and she stayed up there, but was hurting in the last lap


1 Mark Vetere Navy 5.27m (17-3.5) :smiley: :smiley:


other folks I saw: Kathy O’Keefe led off BC’s DMR, and Andrea returned to run the third leg on the Georgetown 4x800.

BTW, the 4x800 was an amazing race - Villanova’s Emily Lipari kicked for the win in a new collegiate record.


13 21 Evan Dombrowski St. John’s Prep (Danvers, MA) 17.08m (56-0.5)


I should have paid the day rate to at least watch the live video. I think the 1200 is the toughest leg on the planet.


It’s not clear that you would have been able to isolate Andrea on video. I was in Europe last year, and the feed tended to focus on the lead runners and so if you’re interested in how one person performs, it can get difficult. I was at Penn this weekend and since I knew her from LS and that she was leading off, I was able to keep an eye on her.

The 1200 is tough - partly because it’s run rarely - tough to know what kind pace to hit. If you’re coming up from the 800, it’s easy to get go out too hard. The competition at Penn also kind of cleans your mental clock when you get out there, I can say from personal experience. All of a sudden you’re running with a different crew than what you’re used to.

The runners from Oregon and Villanova were really laying it down in the first two laps. Maybe she could’ve lopped some seconds off her split by going out more conservatively, but if you’re there to race, you’re going to race. I probably would’ve done the same thing.