2013 New Jersey HS Rankings Poll - Week 2


The Week 2 Rankings Poll is now posted HERE


Freehold Twp Girls will rise the most from now until the end of the season. They added three soccer girls that ran under 5:10/11:10 last spring. That gives them 5 girls under 11:22 (3 under 11:11) and 4 under 5:07. Now they are inexperienced but give them the whole season and you may see top 3 in the MOC.


How do the Westfield girls finish only one point behind Rumson yet get only one vote in the poll? Near as I can tell Rumson didn’t sit anyone.


Courtney Howley - #3 returner from LY MOC


Okay, one returner. Still puts Westfield close enough for a mention or two IMO. We’ll see as the season goes on.


It is far too early to really read the tea leaves from weekly rankings. But they are weekly. This week, the calendar is showing at least 9 meets that will have Jerser representation. Lot more food for thought and, hopefully, for discussion.


I think it is less of a question of whether Westfield isgood, than what went on with Rumson. AsPat said, it appears that they held one girl out. Also, they may not have focused on a race soearly in the season; ie, they may have trained through it, or, from a coachingperspective, not over emphasized it. Mybrother and I were talking about it yesterday, and he said that last year wewere surprised by Rumson’s late season ascendance to 4th atMOC. So maybe they turn it up at the appropriatetime – MOC rather than on September 14th. Point being, Westfield’s finish that close toRumson does not necessarily, in my opinion, warrant undue attention. Westfield had a nice 4x8 team last spring, sowe’ll see as the season goes on whether there is any crossover/carryover fromthat, to this fall, but at this point, I would not rank them in the top tenbased on their finish last Saturday.


Love the use of the word “Jerser.”

Always have.


All of which could also apply to Westfield.


so, Saturday we’ll see a bit more of the picture. No one (except maybe Hillsborough, lol) waits all season to show its hand.


Actually, H’boro is on the road this week to the Cherokee Challenge. We’ll get a small peek at the Raiders :slight_smile: