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If the Flotrack guys got the splits right (I know, highly questionable), then Montoya closed that race in 2 flat for the last half-mile (with the other two only slightly slower).

Does that sound plausible?

(He also looked ridiculously smooth and relaxed doing it.)


why arerthere no results from the boys mile

and why can’t the flotrack guys do SIMPLE math?

they kept on insisting that last mile of boys two mile was run in 4:18, when first mile went out in 4:38.x

Winner ran 8:54 and Montoya was waaaayy back at the mile probably 4:40.x

I believe he closed in 4:13.x, seriously is this THAT hard to do?


Looked like 4:39.0 and back in 4:15.0. Impressive stuff.

1:50.89 was also a great job. VERY difficult to go from the wire.


[LEFT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]B1m: 1. Trevor Gilley, 4:08.24, 2.Joe Hardy, 4:09.88, 3. Brock Baker, 4:09.93, 4. Chris Marco, 4:10.43, 5. Jacob Burcham, 4:10.79,

From RunBlogrun


Scotty ,Leinang was at 4:38.x through the mile, Montoya was not even in the first group behind him yet, I watched it live, at least that is what I thought


results from the boys mile (and everything else) was up on runnerspace last night.

as to why the flotrack guys can’t do simple math…well, there’s a lot of things they can’t do, we can just this down as another thing they can’t do.

seriously, you’d expect something more from these guys at this point? how long have they been around, and their announcing still sound the same?


Can you point out where? I arrive at this link and reach the same issue. No boys mile. I am interested in the 6th place time.


I checked Runnerspace and the Brooks site and still no full results of the mile and times other than somebody posted the first 4 finishers and by watching the video you can see Gilley won and the next three. You would think a day later they might be able to get the results up.



Now that they’ve started charging for their services, is it too much to ask for a modicum of professionalism from their announcers? There’s been some very marginal improvement in terms of actually knowing who’s in a given race, but the drunken frat-boy demeanor, the inside jokes, continually shouting into the mic to distort the audio, missing or wildly inaccurate splits, etc… I’ve already cancelled my subscription.


I called the University of Washington track media personnel and left a message. I was transferred to them from a main sports receptionist.

Hopefully this will spur some action into getting the mile results up.