2013 Amherst Xc Invitational 9/21/13


Full Field:cool:


Possibly a few updates to this entry list.

I know both the Lowell Boys/Girls will be running in this meet for the 1st time.


Looks like a nice early season invite with Lowell/Brookline/Shrewsbury/Wachusett all going up against a traditional CT power in Danbury, who is returning 4 of their top 7 from last years LL state championship team and is the defending team champion in this meet, as well as, New Milford (CT), who won the AS team championship last year, and returns 5 runners from that winning team!


Weymouth is added to that list as well, our first trip to this meet.

We were happy to hear Needham is dropping, so they don’t have to beat us 5 times in one fall. We were less happy to hear Lowell girls were in, for the very same reason.



Updated field as of today. VT team for the first time… ever?!

We’re happy to have all the newbies with us, plus some old favorites.

Out wheeling an 8k course for the college last week. We are considering a course change for the 5k for 2014 to take it off the road for the first mile. We’d love to hear feedback. We expect eliminating the road section would slow down times anywhere from 10-20 seconds. We all like a fast early season invite, however some of us want a little more XC in our XC.

  • Coach Nazar


I would love to see more XC and less road. When I first went to the invite I expected a course similiar to one at Amherst College that was used for NEs


Thanks for the feedback, Warrior.

I did some more map work and we have a solid potential new course proposal that only contains two short road crossings.

We will put a short survey in coaches packets this year to gauge interest in the change, run it by the college, and then we’ll see.

As for this year, with this powerhouse field and good weather, we should see smoking fast times again on our road-xc course.

Any word on when the new Gardner course will be finalized and a map posted?

Coach Nazar


Our team is just one opinion and others are just as valid and to be respected.

We love this meet as is. We love the tradition, the friendships of the teams that come and also a chance for a really fast course. This early in the season the course allows for a great introduction to the sport for our new kids and a rewarding time for our veterans. This meet is different because it does have some fast roads on it. We can also compare our times from previous years. I am not sure we would make the hike out to this meet if it changes to become like other meets.


MA #3 Lowell,
MA # 8 Shrewsbury
MA #11 Amherst
MA # 15 Minnechaug
MA # 16 Brookline
MA # 19 Wachusett
WOW! :slight_smile:
(2 from the East, 2 from the Central & 2 from the West)
CT # 2 Danbury and CT # 5 New Milford

This looks like a great race - best of luck to all the teams! Any ideas about individual winner - does it come from one of these teams or one I have not mentioned?


Not to be outdone (by sexism that is)…

The girls race has some major firepower of its own…

#3 Lowell
#4 Newton South
#7 Concord-Carlisle
#10 Weymouth
#14 Notre Dame (H)
#15 Amherst
#17 Nashoba
#19 Wachusett
#20 Shepherd Hill

#1 Tyngsborough

I would be VERY happy to simply hold rank in this field!


I’ll take a crack at top ten:

  1. Abraham - Lowell
  2. Kozak - Danbury
  3. Nong - Lowell
    4.Conway - Minnechaug
  4. Stender - Amherst
  5. Brazer - Algonquin
  6. Doirion - Westfield
  7. Starvaski - Shrewsbury
  8. Fitzgerald - Wachusett
  9. Guptill - New Milford

Lowell wins big over Danbury and Amherst



considering the quality of the field, i doubt anyone “wins big”…we’re still trying to figure out who the heck are our top 5-10 guys…def looking forward to the meet though, so many great programs


Wait a minute DeweyXC - you just posted this on a another thread

…Lowell goes to 2-0 with a 15-50 win over Tewks…@ Shedd Park, 2.79 miles

  1. Abraham, 1536
  2. Ames, 1537
  3. Gendron, 1537
  4. Rodriguez, 1537
  5. Andrews, 1537
    How about you just add Nong and Whitney to this group? Pretty sure every other coach in the state would like to have your “challenges” right now! :slight_smile:

I will take my prediction one step further and predict that your 7 guys all go under 17 minutes on the “fast” road/XC course @ Amherst. You are correct it is a great field this year - but your team is faster/stronger/deeper than all of them at this point of the year.


i can tell u that those times listed are not the same quality as a runner breaking 17-mins on a true 5k xc course…thats our home course, unless you are under 15 then u cant talk about sub 17…those times are not even close to what we have run in the past

i really just question how you can be so sure we are going to run so fast when we have not done so yet…even in practice

if we put 7 under 17 in the varsity race against that field i will be very surprised (although this course does tend to run real fast for whatever reason)…what wont surprise me is if we have a guy or 2 run faster than our 6th & 7th from the JV section where they can run clean and go out a little slower & be much more in control of their own pace.

as for challenges, we lost our top 3 guys and 4 out of 7 so we have our share of work to do, nobody’s perfect and we all have issues…besides our top 3 nobody on our team has much “paperwork” to back up claims of running a championship race at crunch time


DeweyXC - of course you know your team/runners better than anyone - I am just going off of previous year results where guys go under 17 @ Amherst and then never get within 15-20 seconds of that mark again the rest of the year! I beleive that the main reason is it is not a “true” XC course, and tends to run faster than most because you have parts of it that are run on the road. Last year @ Amherst - Danbury had 6 guys under 17 minutes - 7th guy ran 17:13 - and then later in the year (when you would think/hope that the team is in even better shape)the same team ran @ Wickham Park, winning their Divisional championship with only 3 guys under 17 minutes.

!7 minutes @ Amherst is like 17:20-17:30 at other courses and I believe that you have 7 guys that can run under it. I’m sure this is one of those times when you hope I am right! :slight_smile:


Looks like Doirion from Westfield wants to place higher in this race - just ran 15:54 @ Westfield dual meet vs. Minnechaug, beating Conway who ran 16:01 - might have to change my order! :slight_smile:



Because even if you are right - And I trust Dewey over you - I’m guessing it means nothing if it doesn’t happen at the end of October AND the 2nd weekend in November.

You see yourself as doing the sport a service - just about every coach sees you as painting unnecessary targets on the backs of the teams you tout. I’m not telling you to stop, it’s your right & I support your right to do it - just providing a perspective you seem unable to comprehend.


I trust Dewey over me about his team “every day and twice on Sunday” too lompxc! :slight_smile:

I don’t see myself as doing the sport a service - nor am I concerned with whether coaches like it or hate it (although I am able to comprehend that some do hate it for the exact reason you mention above) - I do it because the board allows EVERYONE - not just coaches - to talk/discuss/analyze /predict outcomes for the sport. I was on the Lowell “bandwagon” early last year as well - not as a fan of the program - but as a fan of the sport, who recognized that they had the ability to do exactly what they did - which is win the D1 XC title.

You mean to tell me that Lowell doesn’t know they have a “target on their back” every time they step on the line? I’m pretty sure that they know that already.

I do understand why a coach would want to temper expectations for his team right up until the championship - but as a fan, part of my experience on the board is being able to report news/results - make observations and yes make predictions on outcomes.

Try and look at it from my side - why would I come to this board if this type of back and forth didn’t happen? I can get all of the results on Milesplit if that is all I was looking for.


So if I understand you- you’re saying is that you intentionall try to instigate because you get something out of it. Did I get that right?


Marshfield 19, Sandwich 40: Marshfield (3-0) finally knocked off Sandwich after finishing second to them in the Atlantic Coast League for the last two seasons. Matt Meehan won the 2.9-mile race in 15:44. Teammates Mike Tautiva (15:56) and Russell Santos (15:58) finished 2-3. Kevin McManus and Kyle Grable finished sixth and seventh, respectively, for the Rams.
Hingham 15, Middleboro 50; Hingham 15, Quincy 50; Hingham 16, North Quincy 39: Hingham (4-1) swept its tri-meet after a second-place finish by Greg Williamson, who ran the 5K course in 17:02. Sam Mildrum (17:25) finished third, Will DiPesa (17:38) was fourth, Nico Droster (18:08) was fifth, Mark McNiskin (18:18) took sixth and Mike Ferrarra (18:44) finished seventh.
Whitman-Hanson 15, Scituate 45; W-H 15, Silver Lake 40; Silver Lake 23, Scituate 32: At Scituate’s 2.8-mile course, Whitman-Hanson (5-0) swept the first five places. Senior Brian Sheppard (15:21 won it, followed by Pat Brett (2nd, 16:18), Sam Evans (3rd, 16:18), Lukas Moscoso (4th, 16:20) and Tyler Durant (5th, 16:28).
St. Mary’s 17, Archbishop Williams 39; Arlington Catholic 22, Archbishop Williams 35: For the Bishops (0-2), Brendan Flynn of Braintree finished seventh overall in 18:39 on his 3.2-mile home course at Pond Meadow Park. Liam Rose of Marshfield was eighth in 19:10, and Carter Solis of Plymouth was 12th in 20:32.
Randolph 27, Cape Cod Academy 29: For Randolph (1-2), Mensky Barosy won the race in 18:39. Teammates Connor Chichester (20:51), Chris Doan (21:44) and Corey Cao (21:53) finished 4-5-6.