2012 OG ticket prices


[LEFT]Olympic Park - Olympic Stadium Preliminary M/W £150 £95 £65 £40 £20[FONT=FuturaStd-Book][SIZE=1]

Final M/W £450 £295 £150 £95 £50

Super final M/W £725 £420 £295 £125 £50

Under 16 pay your age specials Senior Citizens prtices and expanded handicap availability round out the sales strategy to fill every seat at every venue everyday.

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current exchange rate is ~1 poundsterling=$1.60 US= 1.14 Euro


worlds are a whole lot cheaper, i paid about 225 for all competition days plus both ceremonies 6-7 rows up from the rail.


Difference between Final and Super Final?



but really have no idea


Super Finals
I assume there will be one or two days that contain numerous finals compared to days that have no finals or fewer finals. I have not seen the schedule but that is my best guess.

edit- a moment of poking around and I found this- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1320831/London-2012-Tickets-opening-ceremony-cost-2-012.html

so yes the day with the 100 final seems to be the most pricey ticket absent opening and closing stageshows.