2012 New Balance nationals


I see heat sheets here.


Be nice if they included seed times in the listing.

19 guys in one heat of the 2000SC?? First water jump should be interesting.


seems like the number of entries is way down from where it used to be…and i feel like especially on the boys side alot of big names missing across the board


A lot of big names are missing because USA Junior Nationals is the same weekend this year. I believe this is what normally happens in Olympic yrs with this meet.


I think I see Ben Malone in both seeded 800 and mile, which is an impossible double to run, does anyone know which way he is going?


Still to be decided


They said somewhere on the nationalscholastic.org site that they have a record number of entries this year … close to 3,500, I think it said.

Part of that obviously is that they’re always adding new events. Personally, I enjoyed the meet before all the freshman and emerging elite events were added and novelty relays [super sprint med, swedish medley, etc.], but I assume it’s not financially viable to operate it with only championship races.


well when i checked out the entries i didn’t really include the emerging elite events in my evaluations…what exactly is the benefit for those kids to spend all that money for this meet, they aren’t national champions, they can’t be all americans and it is expensive to go to so i don’t quite understand the desire to run in the non championship events



The Freshman Mile is interesting in terms of seeing up-and-coming talent… but the “Emerging Elite” is essentially chaff.


Without it – ain’t no meet.

And many kids do move up over the years


The livestream is here http://makeexcellenthappen.com/facebook/nationals/live.php


Are there results for the hept online? I can’t find any results, and the drop down menu under results has the pent but no hept or decathlon (under outdoor, not sure why).

I just want to see updates while I sit here in Jersey!


There seems to be a fair lag between an event finishing and the results being posted.


From what I see and here down here your opinion is in the minority. We keep getting more and more demand for EE and new EE events. Coaches I talk to here value them for a number of reason including giving the athletes a taste of what the meet is like, giving a kid a chance for one more meet where s/he looks like there is more left and maybe ( this is me) a chance for an athlete to end their season on which note I’d their previous event wasn’t that successful.

We’ve lost some athletes to the Juniors and some of them like the 45-point 400 runners should go there. However when I talk to 10:30 girl 2 milers who are going there I just shake my head. Their choice and welcome to it.

Oh, and Ben Malone will be running the 800.




Joe L , I know what a task it is to get the best guys there, and you guys do a great job

Unfortunately that last HS mile got a lot of guys what they wanted, and that is nobody’s fault

John and Joe thanks for that, and good luck to Ben in the 800

Does anyone know if Benny’s will run DMR with Ches already in Sprint med and Two Mile?

CBA going better now would be one helluva a match up and Ches would surely now need that 10 at minimum he got at Penn based off recent results


St Bene’s is scheduled to run. CBA and Bene’s are not the only teams that will be in the hint. Kidder is anchoring a very good team from Lancaster, Ohio. The Woodlands is very good as is Lawrence Central.


Altho in the HINT is a new expression:D , my typing is much worse, I agree, there are more teams than anyone usually thinks in this one and folks will run fast


16:18 girls 5K was pretty impressive.


– Lacy, Megan 12 Marlton, NJ DNF

Hope nothing bad here…