2012 IHSA 2A Cross Country


looking at the times laid out i think i would put GBS behind CJP and BN. i just think that those two teams have 4th’s and 5th’s that are clearly better.


I would surely agree. Of course, that’s why the summer is so crucial, as GBS for the past two years has done a great job of peaking right at state, and you have to look at their top guys being young so hopefully being able to improve more than an older guy would


That’s true. GLS coaching has proven to be some of the best. They always show up at state.


I think that U-High should be put into the mix. I think that there are four teams that have a very legitimate chance right now to be a top three team. I’m not saying that they are better then the other three teams that have been discussed but, they are still a very strong team that could walk away from peoria with a trophy this november.


U High is a great call! Disclaimer, I will be listing their non-Normal West course PR in parentheses

Wesley Ward 4:35 9:46 14:58 (15:11)
Brendan Hoskins 4:34 10:03 15:06 (15:31)
Adam Bruno 2:01 15:12 (15:30)
JD LaFayette 4:28 15:32


5 teams. Don’t forget Yorkville.

I’d give outside shots to a handful of other teams at this point too. Teams step up all the time and run better than anyone thought they could pre-season.


Good call on U-High & Yorkville. Also in the top 10 discussion, possibly top 5-7 is Illiana Christian. They have had a great summer from what I’ve seen and are coming off an impressive track season. They lose Matt Hall, but added a soccer player who was sub 10 in his 4th 3200 race… I don;t think he’s doing soccer this fall.


No need to make any note/adjustment for times on Normal West (Parkside) home course - it has been measured and re-measured more times than any course outside of Detweiller. It runs almost exactly at the same pace as Detweiller - no tough turns or hills, fairly quick, especially if you catch it on a great weather day. Last year, U-High caught one of those perfect condition days and smoked some great times. (think Detweiller state meet in Fall 2010…).


That’s U-High’s problem is they need to preform with much more consistency. Last year they ran all over their sectional, they won 50 to 146, and did not preform as well as they could have in the state meet. not to say they would have beaten BN but they should have been much closer to BN and Glenbard.



I will be adjusting for times from the Charger Classic which saw absurd times that were not matched by a majority of runners in that meet

Eric Baker 4:32 9:42 14:55 (15:28)
Jake Hoffert 4:34 9:38 15:43 (15:54)
Luke Hoffert 4:33 10:04 15:48
Zac Arcara 9:53 15:05 (15:34)
Nick Harrison 10:05 15:21 (15:39)
Justin Vacha 4:37 15:29
Shawn O’Malley 4:40 15:39


Yunk ftw now that clevenger is gone. I think that 2nd will be much closer between McInerney, who seems better at XC, and Dale who made huge leaps during track. Also Belvidere North will get it done again.


I think that is the most likely scenario…


As McInerney says, “for god and for glory,” or something like that. He says those words every time prior to when the gun goes off. Really cool, energetic kid if you ever race him/see him race.

Anyway, McInerney definitely has to be my second pick. His 3200 wasn’t quite on par with Jamison Dale at state, but the guy can sure double up a 1600 with a 3200 in an uncanny way…as can Jamison, but I’m trying to prove a point that Riley also had quite an impressive track season.


However the individual race goes, I think it would be silly to limit this to a race for second. Yunk is good, but not unbeatable. McInerny, Dale, Baker, Wold, Singleton, and Lee (lol) all have to believe that they can beat Yunk. Leland Later wasn’t inside most people’s top 5s at the beginning of last season, but in only a year he became one of the best runners in the nation after his 8:55/4:09 season. Anything can happen.


Oakhurst Forest Preserve always runs ridiculously fast. And to boot, the course is not a full 3.0 miles. They always say it is, but I know for a fact that several different schools have measured that course and it always comes out to be between 2.88 and 2.90 miles. So it’s expected that runners will run slower at the state meet than they will at Oakhurst. Very rarely do you see runners run faster at Detweiller than you do at Oakhurst earlier in the season.


This is all very true. I’m sure there are runners in 1a who think they can beat Nykaza and runners in 3a who think they can beat keelan, with all that said a 9:03 3200 (I credit 3200’s on track more than other credit track times) makes Yunk the heavy shot for winning. He has been good for a long time it’s just clevenger was better.


I don’t get the lol on Lee. I would put him and Menard both in the conversation for top 5.


I agree, in fact, after this past spring, I would put Lee about Menard


The lol was because they’re on the same team and it’ll be interesting to see if they are competitive with one another. As for Menard, I don’t think he’ll be top 5 because of his track season. Every other runner improved a lot and he ran 20 seconds off his personal best in the 3200. Just sayin.

Yunk’s 9:03 was also at Arcadia though. Good pace, huge pack, perfect weather. What do you think some of the other guys could have run in the conditions? Probably much faster than their current PRs. Right now, I think it goes something like:

  1. Yunk
  2. McInerney
  3. Lee
  4. Dale
  5. Baker
  6. Wold
  7. Singleton
  8. Affolder
  9. Rasso
  10. Cowlin


Rasso is 4:19 for the 1600 and was 14:48…those were huge pr’s. When he snaps he snaps big. Darkhourse for sure.