2012 Cross Country Smack Talk Thread


Because Rednation started it.


And MUS will finish it!


I was actually smack-talking for the 2013 season… But ummm Brock Baker will win DII, AAA, and A/AA … girls and boys.


If Oakland can scrap together a moderately decent 5th man, they’ll win the title.


It’s time for T2


Just wait for Operation Q to commence. Beware.


War T2
War BB
War Hot Novembers
War 73 pages of speculation


73 pages of speculation would be more accurate if not for the hot Novembers.


It would have been 74 if not for the deleted posts.


bororunner, I’m on to you. I am not 100% sure who you are, but I’ve got a very good feeling…


I’ve blown my cover. Was it the “Lorax” comment?


Bro (or should I say ma’am…;)) , you’ve read my mind.


Not a chance this is Kathy, is it?


This brings me to an interesting question.Why the anonymity? I mean, I’m not saying it’s bad (unless you get on here and kid-bash. At that point your just a punk).

Not sure why I don’t use my real name (not Kathy). I do think it’s awfully shallow of you guys to think that a guy can’t like a show tune.


So, you ARE a guy?..