2011 XC Sectionals




Thanks for posting that. The WIAA web site said they would not be posted until the middle of July, so I wasn’t expecting it. It looks like some of the sectionals have changed, such as Marquette High and King not being with the Brookfield schools. Didn’t look that closely at any other changes.


WOW! Nothing like not getting a heads up:cool:. I find some of the sites interesting. I will have to compare other years to see how this plays out.


They seem to overall be easier for the favorites, probably so state is more competitive. Key example is the Brookfield schools being separated from King and Marquette.


Did I read that right? Shorewood Wisco AND Port in the same sectional? Yikes


ok well at least in D1


Although a lot is ok with the D1 boys sectionals regarding legitimate top five state contending teams, there is a serious difference between sectionals 8, 9, and 10 with good teams (potential 6th-15th place teams at state). Nothing insanely bad like seeing a top five team in the state not make it because Marquette, King, and Central were all together the past two years, but there is a clear glut of solid teams in only one out of the three (Sectional 8), with the other two sectionals having a serious drop off after the top one or two teams. It will most likely make for an extremely competitive team race with as many as eight teams having a legitimate shot. I honestly do not remember the last time I saw that many teams having a chance in a sectional, even this far away from the start of the season. Here is just one example: if you take the average of the three fastest times run by returning runners from every team in the sectional, Brookfield Central finishes 5th or 6th. But this could all be a moot point as this is based on potential and not reality just yet.

As for D2 - Port, Shorewood, and WISCO together again? Wow. Just wow.


Port will only have 1 returning runner from their sectional/state team last year. I say Wisco and Shorewood make it through. And Wisco(wisconsin lutheren) was not in the port sectional last year, that was Milwaukee lutheren.


Wisco was in that sectional for several years before that though. They were moved out to the Pewaukee sectional last year and are back in with Shorewood and Port again this year.


oh did not know that. Wisco will be good this year, I heard the coach’s incoming freshmen son will be someone to watch. does anyone know why Wisco only brought 6 runners to the state meet last year?


Dodgeville/Mineral Point should be very good this year. I am wondering if there will be a surprise this year like Ashland last year. They came out of no where. Also a runner to look at is John Vodacek of Bloomer. In cross country he was no where to be seen, then he came and finished 10th at state. In track he did the same thing when he finished 4th in the 3200. I am just saying this guy is someone to watch at the end of the season.


I agree that Ashland was a surprise, their times were not very consistent. However, I disagree that Dodgeville/Mineral POint will be a surprise. They ran an extremely great race last year and I believe are losing no one from last year. They are not just a team to watch, they are a team already being watched.


I was implying that D/MN will win state and then I asked the question who will be a team that will be a surprise. D/MN is returning pretty much everyone from a team that finished 2nd at state last year. I think they are the clear favorite even though Shorewood has their legacy going.


Ah right, my bad I misread it. A good question. To even consider it, I would have to look more into stats. By surprise “like Ashland” you mean making it near the top, or perhaps winning?


Yeah, more like making it to the top. I mean no one had Ashland breaking the top 5 last year.


I would say watch out for Wisconsin Lutheran and Aquinas they have 3 front runners that can do some damage. If both teams gets their 4-5-6 and 7th runners up there they may be able to give DVMP a run for a podium spot.