Looking forward to the DEC!!


Probably not a surprise to anyone, but Ashton is going to put up BIG numbers over the next two days.


Totally psyched for the decathalon! And . . .

not a bad read about Symmonds:


2nd heat in the 'thon:

Great start for Eaton. Deca PR for him I believe. Solid start for Clay - Easton crushed him though . . .

1Ashton Eaton Oregon TC Elite10.33 1016
2Bryan Clay Nike10.64 942
3Isaac Murphy Texas10.81 903
4Edward Broadbent HPC Elite10.90 883
5Michael Morrison California10.90 883
6Curtis Beach Duke University10.90 883
7Miller Moss Clemson University10.92 878
8Matthew Johnson unattached10.93 876


In my dreams the 800 top three would be Symmonds, KD, Andrews. Damn that would be sick. Either way it’s going to be an awesome race.


While I think KD is a solid bet to make the team I selfishly hope he doesn’t even though it would be awesome for him to make yet another team.

The thing is though his best years are behind him. He hasn’t broken 1:44 since 2006 (and that was the only year he did it) although it looks like amazingly he may get yet another year in the 1:44s if his season continues the way it has thus far. That would give him 8 years at 1:44 or better.

I just can’t get beyond this though: in 10 (!) appearances in World Championship events both indoors and out combined he has never made a final. He didn’t make it out of his heat in the '04 Olympics and did not make the Beijing team.

It’s time to step aside :frowning:

I would much rather Andrews, Jock, Greer, Loxsom, Mulder or Martin get some international experience building towards the peak of their careers then see a swan song to an amazing runner that most likely won’t end well.

Harsh, I know.


They’re going to need to turn Ben True’s microphone up


That’s what I picked in the LetsRun contest.


Truly harsh, but I understand. I hope that he makes it this year, makes the final, and performs well just in time for him to hang up the spikes.


Am I missing something, or do they not have the compiled scores of the Dec available? I am WAY too lazy to add them up myself.


Top 3 in every event go to Worlds? Or is it top 2 in some?


So Ashton’s best jump is windy. He has one 9 cm shorter that was into a HEADWIND. If he is near the AR, can’t they just substitute the lower jump?!



Eaton leads Clay 2026 to 1842. Clay not looking too happy with himself thus far . . .


Eaton’s killing it, but Clay is going to catch up via his excellent and soon to come throw scores.




Clay only picks up a little over 4 inches on Eaton in the shot. I imagine he was hoping for more.


Less than an hour away from the men’s 800 heats.


So excited for the heats! Let the LetsRun Grind for $20,011 commence!#!@


I imagine Curtis Beach is anticipating the HJ and 400M to seriously make a move to the front today. He went 6’7 and 46.90 at NCAAs so he could potentially get first in either event (although he’d need a big break from Eaton because Eaton can get down to roughly 46.3 or lower).


Is the flotrack feed failing anyone else?