2011 NFL Draft


7 hours left.


Packers will win, because they always do.


Oh I hope the Panthers grab AJ green!


Why would you draft a WR number one overall??? I think the Texans and Raiders both proved why you have to draft a stud quarterback first…


Davd Carr was just ahead of his time, is all. What a beast.


That honor resides in Julio Jones


This Mallet stuff is hilarious.

My roommate is from Texarkana and has been calling this for the past 3 years.


I’m not sure I could be less interested in this year’s draft. I won’t be watching.

Him dropping because of personality/off-the-field stuff?

I’ve always thought Mallet had a ****ty attitude/personality, but he’s becoming so undervalued I’d consider him underrated.

He has performed at a high level in a system very similar to what he’ll use in the NFL. His arm is just about as good as it gets. My biggest problem with him is mobility, but you can scheme around that. His ceiling AND floor are among the highest of any QB in the draft (his floor is the highest, IMO).


My roommate has been saying that he has the NFL body/talent but he has the worst attitude ever/is as dumb as a brick so it won’t pan out.

He’s slow, dumb, and has an awful attitude. I don’t see him lasting long in the NFL. It’s hard to run team behind a QB that you don’t respect.


He’s a self-centered douche. You could describe everyone in the NFL the same way.

He’s dumb compared to you and me. 99% of the NFL is the same. Football-knowledge is different, and being able to excel under Petrino proves he has enough football-knowledge to succeed.

Yeah, he’s slow as fuck. No rebutting that, but you could say the same about a lot of QBs that have been successful.


I watched Gruden’s thing with him, and liked him lol.

Props to his agent for telling him to say sir after everything.


He was the best of all the QBs in that, IMO. I lol’d when Gruden brought John Daly.

FWIW, he’s sort of from the South and we always use sir… I doubt it was something he consciously did.


I love southern people so that’s probably why I liked him.


He reminds me of Vince Young, except much much slower.


Blaine Gabbert wasn’t good at Missouri, so he’s going to be a star in the NFL. Wait…


Um. 34?


bills should trade their pick to the eagles for kolb and more draft picks, but they wont


They can’t. You can only trade picks.



Oh…NFL. You silly ■■■■■.