2010 Girls Cross Country in Tennessee


So, coming back we have:


Many teams bring back quite a bit, as well. Looks like a pretty strong year in TN.


For teams I say- Baylor, Knox Catholic, and Oak Ridge


Baylor brings back 4 of the top 13 in DII-AA, but they also improved dramatically during track season and should be better this fall than they were last fall. Jumper is probably on the cusp of being a FLN-type runner, and Coach Ott really has them going well. I think that they will be very good.

Catholic has 4 of their top 5 back and should be very good as well. They could conceivably put 2 in FLN.

If Ravenwood finds a 5th, they’ll be formidable. Seriously–they could be unbeatable with a decent #5.

I like Houston also. Dramatic improvement during track season, and a soccer player who can really run.

We have to replace our 3-4-5 from State, which is a tall order. Our 1-2 and 6-15 are all back, though, so we’ll work on it.