2010 3A Sectionals at Lockport


Who do you think will be the top 7 individuals to get out?
Who do you think will be the top 5 teams to get out?


Well Neaqua and Sandburg for the top two spots. Probably Hinsdale and Lockport as well. Toss up for 5th. If DGN doesn’t make it as a team Silver and Llamas should make it as individuals.


I am going to place Lyons Township in the top 5 for sure, very likely taking 3rd. They did just beat Hinsdale in their regional.


Is Silver healthy right now?


Silver was second last weekend to Telfar at LT.


Ah, i forgot about Lyons; I would guess they will take 3rd as well. Telfer will be racing for one of the top spots.

I do believe Silver is in racing shape currently judging by his Regional performance. He always races well at Dellwood also.

  1. Neaqua Valley
  2. Sandburg
  3. Lyons
  4. Hinsdale

I think it’s going to be a close battle between a handful of teams. Lockport’s 5th is a little far back, in a sectional meet…that can hurt them big time. DGN is looking a lot better with Silver and Llams up front, where will their 3-4-5 be?. Plainfield south has a solid 3, where will their 4 and 5 be? Plainfield North ran well at Regionals. 5 points ahead of South, 10 behind Lockport. and DGS will be in the mix also. I think its going to be a good battle for that last spot…

As for individuals… it’s too hard to say because those teams that are fighting for those spots have most the guys that will probably make it out. If they’re teams don’t make it; Lockport can have a couple guys, Plainfield south can have a guy or 2, North can have a guy or 2, DGN can have a couple, the kid from Oak Lawn, (sorry, can’t think of his name right now), Lots of guys can make it out. I think it’s pretty hard to say. It’s going to be a heck of a battle for that too. (duh! it’s sectionals!)


As of now it looks as though conditions will be much better than last year. This should make for a good race as Lukas goes after Chris Derrick’s course record.


From Marist, Theres two, Cody Haberkorn 15:09, Kyle Hauser 15:24.


The course that Marist ran for regionals is not a 3 mile course. Much closer to 2.92.


IHSA said it was measured out to 2.99 on two GPS’s and a wheel.
I was not present at the course, but the conditions that day were horrible, it was rainy, cold, and windy. So I would say that it evens out to 3.00.


add Hinsdale south to the mix for that 5th spot. they are a long shot but don desalvo should be top 15 maybe 10. and they have 4 runners who are comin on at the end of the season,coming back from injuries and such. they did beat dgs at regionals,not saying too much tho


I can see them in the mix for sure. it’s going to be really close for those last couple spots. I didn’t think the dyestat rankings are very good for this sectional at least. Then again, I understand he doesn’t know whats really going on with some runners, (i.e. injuries/sicknesses etc…). Luckily, I do know a lot of what’s going on with these runners in this sectional. Lots of guys banged up and fighting injuries and what not. And yea, it happens. It’s life. It’s Cross Country. We’ll see who has more guys and who can tolerate more pain. oh man is this going to be fun!


Does anyone have the ranking on dyestat for the indivudials and the teams?


The sectional previews do a good job of breaking down teams and individuals from all the sectionals http://rise.espn.go.com/track-and-xc/illinois/2010-xc/AAA-Boys-Sectionals-Preview.aspx?pursuit=TrackAndXC


Lockport results posted on IHSA.

On the individual side, Verzbicas dominated, but Telfer looked good and Ben Silver is returning to form.

Team-wise, Neuqua repeats as team champs, but I don’t think they raced as well as they did at Regionals. Lyons also surprised as a team, finishing 2nd and only 14 points away from NV. Story of the meet is Lockport finishing 6th and failing to qualify.


Story of the meet is really Sajdak not finishing/qualifying/running. This is probably a big reason why Lockport doesn’t qualify. Tough for a kid that talented not to make it to the state meet. Hope we see good things from him in track and I hope he’s okay.


Actually, even if Sajdak had won the race, Lockport would not have beaten DGN.


If they didn’t then they did it as a team because their spread was almost exactly the same as it was at regional.


My point was really just that Sajdak didn’t qualify. Whatever place he got, if he ran, or if he DNF’d, certainly hurt their chances to qualify. Chonka said Lockport not Qing was the big story, I would argue most did not assume Lockport was a “lock” to qualify though. But who thought Sajdak wasn’t going to make it through?