11-11-11, 11:11:11


… in about a half hour. Enjoy.


So many stupid girl facebook statuses


Phew. Well that was a wild ride.


I can’t overemphasize how many ****s I do not give


Don’t know what’s worse on Facebook: 11/11/11 statuses or people unable to use pemdas.


I KNOW! People bitching about people spending all day making “wishes for themselves” when it’s veteran’s day and we should focus on thanking the troops. Then I look at their facebook and see their last status was about thirsty thursday.


Armistice Day!


What’s up with that Facebook button? I didn’t choose that option.

Some threads have it. Some don’t. How do I turn that off?


Holy ****ing ****


Any time I see one of those math questions, I think back to first grade when people asked “What’s 1 plus 2 times 57 minus 23 times 6 divided by 20 times 0?” And then you got tricked and said you didn’t know. They told you the answer is 0. Turns out it was 115 this whole time.


Happy Nigel Tufnel Day!



Also, a lot of people are getting married today. Because why be unique and different when everyone else is doing the same damn thing.






Ugh, your sarcasm makes me want to vomit.


I’m not very good at turning off my sarcasm. One of my many flaws.


Stalking you on the book with the faces now. You’re listening to seventy times seven by Brand New. I mean… OLD OLD Brand New? Really? Back when they were more punkish?

Please stop being cool. K thnx bye


In Atlantic City on nye they’re playing a 3 set show including yfw in full. If I didnt like live in wisconsin or if tickets didnt like sell out in 2 freaking minutes I would have loved to go.


someone tell me funnage’s real name


Awesome, but I fear they’ll play songs from well after YFW that I do not like so I wouldn’t be too interested.