11/10/10 >>> TrackTalk Word Game #4


Current Standings:

Ecliptica - 1
shane_bc - 1
amw2829 - 1

Total: 3

Get them thinker caps on ladies. it’s time for round 3 of today.
you all know the rules. but if you break them, i’ll be sure to tell you that you suck. give me a few minutes, then we are go.


I’ve never been more nervous in my life.


Starts with: I

Hint1: it’s not below Germany’s word for NO









wow. first time i’ve ever had someone win it on the first guess.
i suppose i am just losing it/doing too many in a day.

should i continue making them tonight? or wait til tomorrow?

i am mainly doing this because i am bored at work and also trying to avoid my mind from wandering to ****tier things.


Keep doing it.

And I still don’t get how it’s infinity


Nein is german for no.
nine is one more than 8.
sideways 8 is infinity.
but infinity is also more than 9.


Current Standings:

chubs - 1
Ecliptica - 1
shane_bc - 1
amw2829 - 1

Total: 4


I see it now. I wasn’t picturing the symbol for infinity.


Than this is going to go down as the single greatest accomplishment of my life.