10000m @ Pre


Startlists are up!



This is going to be sooo legit. If there’s a feed, I will record it. Does anyone know if runnerspace has plans on putting the race up? Or is there licensing issues?


I’d imagine they should be able to since the 10km isn’t a DL event. But I don’t know if they’re even going to be in Eugene.


Apparently there will be streaming on the Pre Classic web page (not the DL page).


Later on in the link I posted, the Oregon website states friday is ‘free’ for streaming, but the main event on saturday won’t be. Presumably they have the Diamond League viewing package for sale (international), and possibly runnerspace (always been closely associatted with pre classic).

I can’t tell which will be the best distance race, they’re all so stacked.

  1. The 800 has Rudisha and other medalists
  2. the 1500m has 15(?) runners with the slowest PR being 3:32.xx
  3. 5000 has the young Geb, Rupp, Koech and the youngins of N. America (Levins, Derrick)


Amos is out with an injury, but everyone else from the final is there.


Kaki is also missing, right?


I’ve never heard of Gabius. Is he a rabbit?


You are correct.


My bad, didnt hear about Amos.

Rumor, not sure how true this is. But Farah is supposed to be out as well, with a virus: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?thread=5206514


The Farah/virus stuff could actually be true. As the Letsruns Neanderthals were talking about, trans-Atlantic flights can do that. The other thing that caught my eye in the Letsrun postings was this apparent request by K. Bekele for 13:18 through the 5km. Any word on whether this is true?


http://www.oregonlive.com/trackandfield/index.ssf/2013/05/oregon_track_field_rundown_the_71.html ~ 10 hours old

http://www.tracktalk.net/showthread.php?p=417683&posted=1#post417683 ~ 9 hours old

No need for middlemen.


Oops. Sometimes I skim where I should read. Apologies.


Well this sucks. Farah dodged the competition and is now in the 5000



i would argue the field is just as deep in the 5000 and maybe even a tad bit deeper. Bekele isnt NEAR the force he used to be.


I agree with USN on the depth of the two events. Plus, hopping into a track 10km a week after running a 10km on the roads probably doesn’t appeal to many people. I know the roads and flats tend to be more forgiving than a track and spikes, but two 10km’s in back to back weeks probably isn’t wise.


Agreed. Between Lagat, Rupp, Longosiwa, Koech, Kipkoech, Alamirew, Soi, Ritz, Derrick, Levins, Jeilan, Mead, and others, Mo will certainly have his hands full, at the very least. Would’ve loved to see him duel Bekele, though… :frowning:

Edit: As USN points out, *Bekeles, potentially.


im going to predict that tariku beats his big brother by a minimum of 7 seconds.


I agree that the field is relatively equal in terms of depth. However, even the British have used the word ‘avoid’:


Still a little unclear what you’re getting at here. That he didn’t have a stomach virus? That stomach viruses aren’t legit reasons to change events?