10-lap indoor track records


Most of these venues still see some activity but not like ‘Back in the Day’ when the only 200m track was at UW-Madison and schools hosted some big annual meets (Cudahy, Racine Case, Bradford, Waukesha South, etc.)

I am wondering what records exist for these tracks?

  • I recall Tony Rodiez telling me he ran 4:19 somewhere
  • Scott Jenkins ran a 4:24 (Bradford or Waukesha South)
  • Russ Sandvold ran a 4:24 at Waukesha South
  • Andrew Christiansen ran 4:27
  • Wardall ran 4:27


This is still one of my favorite races ever to watch…Classic 8 indoor conference at Waukesha South in 2009.

1 mile
1 John Simons Arrowhead 4:26.07 10 2 John Luterbach Catholic Memoria 4:26.87 8 3 Wally Bradford Mukwonago 4:27.89 6 4 Kyle Warras Waukesha West 4:30.20 5 5 Ethan Zastrow Mukwonago 4:32.06 4


It has been a dozen years (yikes) but I seem to remember Cudahy being 11 laps to a mile/1600?


It is. I won a 22-lap race there once as an underclassmen. My time was very slow and I wasn’t happy running there as people kept walking on the track while I was racing.


Its coming back to me a bit. They also had a 20-lap relay I remember doing, so each of the 4 legs ended up running 700 some odd meters. I guess it made things easier to just run 5 full laps each than every leg starting off at a different corner of the track on each exchange.

I’m pretty sure the corner of the basketball court slightly touched the inside lane line of lane 1 as well. Also remember there being a manhole in either lane 1 or 2 at Horlick. Haven’t been to a high school indoor track since high school, do these schools and others still even have these cement surfaces? West Allis Central was the “nicest” indoor track back in my day with the smooth rubber track.


Neenah has a revamped surface and so dies Waukesha south I believe. Wherever Michael Brice and Wardall battled a couple years ago has a nice surface too. I forgot which of the FVA schools has an indoor track. Appleton West maybe?


Northland Pines has a 200m indoor track but no spikes. St Anthonys in NY has a 200m indoor track facility similar to the shell. Kind of amazing if you think about it. There’s a school in Illinois that has one too.


Big meeting at Milwaukee Lutherans Chris Wilson invite. I don’t recall if the BC boys are there. If they are I wonder if the Hirsch will run? Nice group of distance schools.

Location:Milwaukee Lutheran High School Field House
Schools Participating:
Brookfield Central,* Marshall,* Milwaukee Lutheran,* Oconomowoc,* Port Washington,* Saint Thomas More,* Union Grove,* Waukesha North,* Waukesha South,* Wauwatosa West


Hirsch ran the mile last year and won easily. If I remember correctly his time was a low 4:30s, and I could very easily see him showing up and running again. It would be really cool if some other schools sent some people to race him, but I am not sure if they will.

Oftentimes this meet is on the front or back end of spring break trips, which has been a problem.


1999 - Wisconsin Little Ten Indoor Conference Meet - Held at Watertown(160M facility and soon to become extinct)

  1. Matt Groose - Watertown 4:25.0
  2. Dan Sutton - West Bend East 4:26.3
  3. Eammon McKenna - Oconomowoc 4:27.5


Eamon McKenna…what a stallion

What I find interesting about this is Groose turned into an outstanding 8/15 guy (3:45 I believe) while McKenna turned into a 5/10 guy (14:32/30:20ish)


And what did Dan Sutton turn into?


*51.97 Aaron Thompson Brookfield East – 2011
*2:01.7h Colin McKean Marquette – 2001
*4:28.58 Scott Mueller Brookfield Central - 2004

*3200 Meter Relay 8:23.92 Brookfield Central – 2012
(Andrew Dusing, Nick Petersson, Gabe Poser, Carl Hirsch)

I swear Adam Nelson’s name should be in there too for a 9:45 or so in 2003. Not on the wisconsintrackandfield.com honor roll or greater metro conference website however.


Groose finished with PR’s of 1:47.x and 3:41.x.


Haven’t heard about him in a while. Was at UW Med School and ran a 2:17 marathon. Pretty solid.


I was going off of what he did at Oshkosh, I didn’t realize he kept competing after school.


The track at Manitowoc Lincoln is 10 laps to a mile and one of the recent stud milers from Appleton East broke the Manty invite record with I believe around 4:20. Sorry I can’t give more details, but maybe someone else will know which runner and his time and the year.


Taylor Wardall sets new record in 1600 with 4:19.85. The old record was set 31 years ago in 1979.


I’m thinking 1979 and I’m mentally searching for a miler in the Manitowoc area who could do such a thing like run a low 4:20 mile on a 10-lap indoor track… definitely drawing a blank! :smiley:


I was actually at the meet and saw Taylor break the record, so you would think I could have remembered it was him and not Schubert and that he broke 4:20. The Manty track is one of the better 10 lap tracks. It has fairly wide turns for a small track and in 1985 they put in a rubberized surface so it isn’t slippery, even though they don’t allow you to wear spikes.


So whoever it was, they would be really old by now. I wonder if they are still alive.