I am going to do everything in my power to attend this.


I was about to post this too, watched it like 10min ago.

Also, the interview w/ Clinton is just awesome. That guys gets it.


This is hilarious, but in all honesty it’s very important, and a terrific perspective for Americans to take.


awe come on this can go in current events too


Definitely going. It’s the first day of my fall break, so I’ll be back in the DC area anyway.

Probably won’t stay very long since it’s the day before the Marine Corps Marathon, though. Still worth attending.


Jon Stewart is an idiot and if you think Obama isn’t a socialist, you’re no better. Time to wake up people! 50% of the economic activity in the US is dictated by the government. If that’s not socialism, I don’t know what is.





He ought to hold a “Rally to Restore Humor”. Show’s been pretty lame lately…



will be attending

oh and


whenever somebody posts those “you mad” pix or their avatar pic is a “you mad” thing… this pic is the first thing that comes to mind:

Joaquin Phoenix

Im Mad



Anyone from around Rochester, NY going to this or Manhattan?


stop by Syracuse.

I don’t want to go, I just want to see your face one last time.


Probably going.


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